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Chris Maur
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Default Glute and knee issues

Hi, I have a couple of questions that I hope some amongst you guys may have some insights to.

As the title says this is a post about knee and butt pain.
Lets start with my knee:

About two months ago I was in the start-phase of a weightlifting program, one day I got a partial tear in my quadriceps tendon. Im in the phase of getting this sorted out but I have a question regarding keeping the knees injury free, especially strengthening of the knee itself. What exercises do you find to work the most?

I am thinking about starting with:
Knee extentions
Partial squats
Hamstring curls(?)

All of these done in sets of 12 at least..
I know that mobility and stretching is important, but I already did a bunch of that stuff prior to the injury.

After doing a MRI-scan of my knee the doc found that I have a bakers cyst measuring 4,5 cm across behind my knee. I have always felt some sort of discomfort whenever I was in the bottom of a squat, and this explains a lot. Im thinking of draining that sucker, have any of you guys done the same, has it helped you?

Over to the "pain in the ass"
For over three years I have experienced a sharp/shooting pain through my right gluteus max. whenever I lean over, pull something heavy (cleans) or squat a decent weight.
I have also taken a MRI-scan of this area without any results apart from a minor slipped disk in my L5 (I think).

Ive seen a lot of physios, doctors and other physical therapists for this problem and some have claimed it to be sciatica, while others have stated that its piriformis syndrome.
I have done "all" the piriformis stretches, glute smashing (lacrosse ball) and neural flossing posible over a long period of time withiout any kind of result, no better not worse, just the same..

For the sciatica work, my physio told me to do a lot of Mckinsey stretches, and things would sort it self out..

I have been doing those stretches for about 6 months now, every day. No effect at all.

Does anybody have pain in the same area? How do you manage it, what did you do to get rid of it?

If it helps, here is a bit of info about me.
24 year old male.
Been weightlifting for a year or so, but have a "solid" foundation from strength training (squatting, deadlift, pressing) from before.
By solid I mean 94 kg press, 130kg bench, 175kg squat and 150kg front squat.

I appreciate every answer.
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Blake Barnes
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Have you been getting massages as well as all the stretches you're doing?
Blake Barnes
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Chris Maur
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About 18 months ago I went to get sport massages 2-3 times per week for a month. This didn't do anything for my pain. I also tried acupuncture on my low back, glute area, hamstring and calf, this was also without result.
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back, glute, injury, knee

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