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She Wellnitz
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Unhappy desperat for help :(

Hey guys,
so i am finally going to ask in this forum because no matter what I do, try it seem i am not improving on my condition. I started olympic lifting round about a year.

I have knee pain mostly above the knee cap and at the inside, directly where the knee cap is. Squating or getting in to a bottom portion is painful. Is can sit in the low position but as soon as I try to rise/get down there a weird pressure pain in the knee as well as the kneecap areas i just mentioned. Same when I just sit down a chair or when i tried box squats.

I did ballet (as student of an academy) when after a series of repetitive jumps my knee startet to hurt an I couldn't put weight on it any more. I was in the gym already at that time (squats, DL etc. for fun). It was not improving so I got n' MRI: all tendons acl/pcl everything ok. Mild jumpers knee and a bakers zyst.
The first MRI was a year ago because the situation is not getting better (ups and down- more downs) a second MRI was done 2 months ago still nothing 'serious' was found.
So I already been to five orthopedics and beside ibuprofen, a small injection with traumheel, rest, stretching of the quad nothing was done so far, nothing of it really helped.
So six weeks ago i went to a physio therapist and explained the problem etc. an he said that he does not believe its a jumpers knee, I never really had/have pain below the knee cap. He said he thinks its a dysbalance and my right leg has a much higher muschle tension. So i am doing physio for 5 weeks now. He told me to ride the bike to reduce the tension and work on a few sensitive spots around the knee. I did all of it religiously but to be honest, it doesn't really help. I rolled the shit out of my quad but no - I don't make any progress and I don't train regular since more than six weeks. Only pulls from the block, presses, hang power snatch- no squatting for two months.

I know you can't make a diagnosis via internet, but I don't get it If all the main things are 'ok' what the heck is wrong and why can't anyone help me.
I am sorry if this post is confusing or something.
I am just really hoping the someone maybe have some idea, help, suggestions - i am really desperate
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