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Emily Pappas
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Default Strength By Feel Program-- weak jerk..assistance exercises?

So I am a newbie lifter-- lifting for only 1 yr (self taught). Obviously, technique can always use improvement, but based on Greg's snatch/ c&j ratio to back squat---my lift number fit right in...meaning my strength is my limiting factor holding back the numbers I want to hit.

As a girl, my upper body strength is definitely a limiting factor. My max jerk is definitely holding back my clean and jerk max...being about 7-8kilos off my max clean.

Currently, I am following the strength by feel cycle (on week 2)...and am really loving the program so far. I just can't figure out why..when I find my 4RM Jerk I can hit 92%, but when hitting a heavy c&j on Saturdays...90% feels extremely heavy and less powerful than on the 4RM.

I know my upper body gets fatigued quickly (as well as my core strength)...and I was wondering if there was any assistant exercises to add to this cycle-- such as body building style-- higher rep movements like strict presses or dips.

Or would these assistance exercises be too much?

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Paul Potter
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I have the same problem with my jerk holding me back, probably due to a lack of upper body strength as it's something I've neglected for a long time. But, the exercises I've been doing for a little while now, that have transferred into better Jerks, have been:

For shoulders
Dumbbell Shoulder Press
Strict Barbell press (in front of the neck and behind)
Push Press (in front of the neck and behind)

For Chest
Bench Press
Decline Push ups

For Arms
Close grip bench press
Tricep Extensions
Bicep Curls

I've found that working on all these areas has helped me feel way more stable and powerful overhead, in both snatch and C&J.

I am currently on a program that has 3 days of oly lifting a week plus a 4th day of "strength work". As you're on the strength by feel cycle you could probably tack on 1 or 2 exercises from the above list at the end of a work out.

I normally do 5 reps for 5 sets at a weight that I choose by feel, but I try and keep increasing the weights session by session.

It's important you don't push these supplementary exercises so hard that they impair your normal oly work outs.

I hope that helps
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jort Kramer
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I dont know much about olympic lifting (new here), but i do know something about strength training. I think if you want really stable shoulders without it taxing too much of you. I would so something like this:

1 Arm dumbbell strict overhead press (also trains core) 3x8 each arm
(incline) close grip bench press (take the width you use for pressing overhead) 2x5
Pull ups (stronger arm and lats, help with overhead stabilizing) either 2x5 for strength (add weight) or 3x8 for bit more mass

This is just for your shoulders and a bit core, since you are following a 3 day/week oly program you might be able to do 1 exercise after each workout and have your 4th day some general strength training?

hope this helps

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Greg Everett
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Push press and push press behind the neck will be the best strength work specifically for upper body strength for the jerk. Pressing would be next. 5-8 reps generally for strength. Bodybuilding-type rep ranges will do more for size than strength.
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