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"Raymond Levitt"
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Default Missed training days

Hello Members,

I have been following my first Catalyst training cycle for a few months now. There have been (and will be) days when, for one reason or another, I was unable to train.

In such cases, is it more effective to pick up where I left off? (thereby increasing the duration of the entire cycle) -- Or, is it better to go through the workout that is scheduled for the day that I resume training on?

In other words, if I miss a Tuesday, on Wednesday is it better to do Tuesday's workout (thereby extending the length of the entire cycle)? Or do Wednesday's workout?

Thank you for the feedback.

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Matt Bravman
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I personally have just extended the cycle. I'm in no rush to finish and getting quality work in is more important than just finishing a cycle. Sometimes if for whatever reason I miss multiple days I will just start the week over, even if I've done 2 or 3 days already.

It's not ideal, but neither is missing them in the first place!
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Blake Barnes
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In general, I would say pick up where you left off. But you are going to have to use your own judgement sometimes. For example, lets say on Tuesday you have Jerk-related exercises with Overhead Squats and Push Presses. If you have a strong Jerk and good overhead strength then it may not be absolutely necessary to work those exercises. Then lets say you need a little help with the bottom position in the Snatch. Maybe you could throw in Overhead Squats in at the end of Wednesday's training day.
Blake Barnes
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