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Justin Mariano
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Default elbow issues

Hey everyone,

I'm starting to develop some long lasting elbow pain. It starts from the joint and then extends outwards into my biceps and triceps - I'm typically getting it after a training session involving lots of time in the front rack (i.e. jerk day).

It's really starting to affect my flexibility in my front rack positioning, and is killing my jerk strength. I'm having a ton of trouble getting under the bar and as a result, I'm starting to miss a lot of jerks out in front, even on light days. Sometimes when I have the bar racked I feel like I'm being tortured!!

I work on mobility daily, mostly with bands (bully stretch, front rack stretch). Voodoo band what hurts 2x a day (morning and night). I was taking glucosamine which helped, but it gives me unreal diarrhea so I have to stop.

If anyone has any insight, or new mobility/assistance work to help with the elbow pain, let me know!!
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