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Justin Arnold
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Default New Eleiko Training bars super sharp?

I'm finally getting around to investing in a bar and bumpers of my own, and was initially looking at the DHS bars, but am now thinking I'll spring for the Eleiko.

Thing is, I've been reading reports about a year old that the newer Eleiko training bars have a SUPER sharp knurling that sounds too aggressive for regular training.

Anyone have a newer Eleiko that they can compare?

And has anyone used the DHS barbell?

Thanks for any advice
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Keith Miller
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Don't know about Eleiko, but a friend of mine bought an Eleiko Training Bar just a couple of months ago, and the knurling on it was actually really nice. Not too sharp at all. However, I've read the same reports, and even lifted on some at last year's Arnolds with VERY sharp knurling!!

As for DHS, I've lifted on them, and they're really nice!! The knurling is pretty nice. However, the bars I lifted on were very slightly bent. Although, they were being used in a Crossfit gym, so I can't guarantee anything about them being abused.

I'm getting interested in buying a new bar, and these are my main 2 choices as well, along with Werksan. I'll be interested in what you choose and how you like it!!
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