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Joshua Fiebig
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Default Routine advice - Rescue worker

Stats: male, 32 years old, 190 lbs, 6'1"
Lifts: deadlift 365 lbs, HBBS 315 lbs, LBBS 285 lbs
Running: 1:17 400m, 6:45 mile

I am a Search and Rescue Technician (SAR Tech), who specializes in wilderness tracking, and swift-water rescue. Obviously, I have to be ready for nearly anything, at any time. There is less of a priority on strength, and more of an emphasis on functionality.

My current routine is focused on SAR only, but I would also like to compete in triathlon (sprint and oly) and other sports. Since I can't completely redirect my training goals, how can I optimize my training? Here is an outline of what I'm currently doing:

Mon - lower-body strength, conditioning
Tues - push skill (eg. HSPU), conditioning
Wed - running intervals
Thurs - pull skill (eg. muscle-ups), conditioning
Fri - upper-body strength, conditioning
Sat - long distance or sport
Sun - rest and recovery

Strength sessions might be max effort, or 5x5. Conditioning is CrossFit-inspired, but with movements oriented towards SAR. For example; more rope climbs, overhead lunges, and odd objects. There are no high-rep oly sessions or crazy chippers. Weighted movements are more likely done with dumbbells, often with FatGripz, and all metcons are less than 12 minutes. The long-distance might be a run, hike, mountain climbing, or afternoon of parkour.

I would like to do more sport, but I am afraid that it makes me less field-ready. As you can tell, I am very slow at running, because that is not a "field-ready" priority. Is there any way that I could prepare for a tri (finish comfortably, not win), while still keeping my bases covered?
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Blake Barnes
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It sounds like you're keeping all of your bases covered. It sounds like you want to do all kinds of things all at once. If you're worried about finishing comfortably in a triathlon then I would focus more on that type of training. I wouldn't say that running more would make you less field-ready. And I would try to incorporate more swimming and biking for your conditioning.

As far as the "other sports" training, just continue the strength training and, assuming these other sports are just for fun/recreation, just playing those sports is training in itself.

You can continue the SAR functional training with your strength work. Start with a focus lift for that day and then incorporate some functional exercises afterwards, before your conditioning.

Other than that it seems like you've got just about every aspect of training you can think of.
Blake Barnes
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Joshua Fiebig
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Default Examples for SAR conditioning

I seldom do WODs as they would appear on CF.com. Perhaps the occasional "Helen", but other than that, I believe in workouts geared towards the intended pursuit. Therefore, I write WODs such as:

For time:
30-24-18-12-6 Walking lunges with 5 gallon water bottle, sand bag, weight plate, etc.
50m/y Swim after each set

For the Long Conditioning / Sport Saturday, I will do something like:

Go for a 2 hour hike,
Pitch a tent,
Drag a few big logs around,
Chop some firewood,
Climb a tree or mountain,
Another 2 hour hike.

It will change from week-to-week, but that's essentially what I do. Again, it's more geared towards SAR than tri, but the SAR is far more important.
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