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Brock Wilson
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Default First Post-Help With Shoulder injuries on the Snatch

Greetings all. First Post. I'm a mid level CrossFitter and Poor Olympic Weightlifter, but I do enjoy it and hope to get somewhat better.

When I snatch, as I approach 85-90% (My pr is only 165 at a bodyweight of 185) I consistently sublex my shoulder as the bar path creeps behind the ideal. It's not a dislocation or a sever sublexation, but it is disturbing enough, frightening enough, that I stop the training session and usually stay away from the snatch altogether for several weeks.

My questions are: 1) Does anyone have any prehab suggestions to strengthen the shoulder against this "bar behind the head" circumstance? 2) Any ideas on how to avoid drifting behind?

Lastly, if it's relevant: When this occurs I'm not fighting tremendously hard to sa;vage a terrible rep, it';s just slightly behind ideal and before I even register the mistake the shoulder damage is done.

Thanks so much.

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Keith Miller
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Ideally, the bar should be slightly behind the head in the receive position of the snatch.

Also, where it ends up will be dependent on a lot of factors, such as hip and ankle mobility, which affects how upright your torso is. My snatch catch position is somewhat behind my head, but I don't quit for fear of doing more damage. I've been fine for over 12 years of lifting.
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Blake Barnes
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As Keith said, the bar should be behind the head when receiving the bar. Maybe you could try some Snatch Push Presses/Snatch Balances/Drop Snatches and really focus on keeping you upper back locked in and everything tight. But if the bar is where it needs to be and you're still feeling abnormal movement of the shoulder then I would recommend seeking out a PT or a specialist that can help you out with what's going on.
Blake Barnes
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