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Thomas Brenden
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Default Cycle without overhead pressing

Hey all, I have some shoulder impingement issues that are severely aggravated by overhead pressing movements (jerk, push press, etc) but seems to be ok with snatching. Trying to figure out a cycle to run while I do some targeted rotator cuff and scapular strength/stability work that has little to no overhead pressing work.

I was considering the "quick & classic" Cycle ( https://www.catalystathletics.com/wo...php?cycleID=40) since it doesn't have much of that to begin with, and the few bits it does have, I could just drop out.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
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Blake Barnes
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That seems to be fine. And if you have "Clean & Jerk" just do Cleans. From the extra time you have not doing the overhead stuff you'll have plenty of time for the shoulder rehab exercises.
Blake Barnes
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