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Duncan Harrison
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Default Snatch Form Check: 195# (88kg) and 205# (93kg) miss (at 85kg BW)

Hi all.

I am relatively new to weightlifting, and have only been seriously training for a couple of months. I had to stop doing the full lifts for about a month due to a bit of a back tweak, and when I came back 1.5 weeks ago I've been having this annoying problem where I often lose lifts as light as 75% behind me. I suspect that I generate a bit swing and that by the time I catch it there is too much backward momentum for me to control it, but hopefully the vigilant eyes here can help me get to the root of this problem. I have included a miss at 205#, which was a PR attempt, but unfortunately it is at a crappy angle (sorry) because my videographer had to leave by then.

A couple of notes: I am not catching it very deep on purpose, because any lower presents a nasty butt wink (that I am working on pretty aggressively). This was actually the cause of my back injury. Also, I am aware of the nasty donkey kick and am working to remedy that as well. Another problem may be that I land rather wide, and you will notice on the miss video that I actually tilt onto the inside edge of my right foot right before I lose it.

Possibly irrelevant: I competed for the first time last weekend, and went 5/6 for 80/110/190. Considering I had only been back in the game for a week, I am happy overall with the result given all that could have gone wrong. And now I am hooked! Plus, my coach told me that I should go up to 94kg, yay food!

Thanks a bunch!

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Patrick Steele
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Great lifts.

To my eye, it looks like fixing your donkey kick will be extremely beneficial to your lifts. The less time your feet are off the ground, the less time they will have to do weird things. They should glide out to a couple inches wider than your pulling stance, but not too wide.

The other two things I noticed that might help is your issues with going into the hole. I think you are making it harder on yourself by resisting getting into the bottomed out position. If you could get down into that position I think your knees would be in a much better position for stability and to stand up. It looks like your knees caved in on the 205 lift. Once again, I believe fixing your donkey kick and actively pushing outward with your knees while you stand the weight up will fix these problems.

Watching the 205 video for the first time i was like yep he's got that... and was surprised when you lost it to the back... it's definitely your stance. You're definitely strong enough to do 205lbs (and even more) if you fix the donkey kick and getting to the bottom of the hole.
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Blake Barnes
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Overall the lifts looks pretty good. You seem to have good control. There might be a little bit of a swing but it's not enough to consider that a big problem.

As far as your depth, it's okay to get as deep as you can while still maintaining a straight back/torso but I feel like if you don't take care of that mobility you can get your body in the habit of receiving the bar at the height every time. I don't know if you're incorporating Overhead Squats or Snatch Balances but I would suggest holding the bottom of those exercises for 3 seconds so you can try to get those joints to their full range.

I agree with Patrick about the knees. Try to avoid landing on your instep every time. You may just have some tight adductors or something but try to get your knees out so it will allow you to sit in more in the squat.
Blake Barnes
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