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Greg Day
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Default My take on a couple of programs

Just some feedback on a few programs i have run in the last year.

1) 5/3/1 - loved this program, ran it for over half a year while bulking and gained plenty of strength. Deadlift gained 40kg, squat gained 25kg, bench im not sure as i had a shoulder injury at the start so i couldnt really bench for the first half of the program however i did gain about 10kg towards the end of this time.

I didnt deload as much as the program stated and this was a good choice. its definitly not needed, unless maybe you are doing alot of assistance work but i did about 3 mesocycles before deloading and this was fine.

This program has slow progression but you also build up a good amount of strength at higher reps i think to start my deadlift max was 175kg x 1, and i got 170kg x 8 during the program so that was nice.

2) Brad Gillingham bench - at first glance i thought this was going to be very tough and i would miss lifts after 5 or 6 weeks of the 12 week program but i didnt. Actually this worked well and i suprised my self quite a few times.

The second day i didnt see as too important as everything was pretty light but i paused the reps to make it a little harder. how much this acutally helped im not sure but overall it was quite a good program.

3) Mag/Ort deadlift - very hard. I underestimated how hard this program would be. To begin with it was fairly easy but after 8 weeks and adding 20kg to all the sets it became very difficult. I didnt deload as much as it said and i probably should have to be honest. I think another reason it was so difficult it because i was trying to maintain body weight and my calorific intake wasnt very high. I guess if i ever try this program again i would do two things; 1) carry out the program when consuming more calories, 2) lower the overal volume on posterior chain and lower body work as it took me a long time to recovery from my deadlift days.


Overall i loved 5/3/1 and would recomend it to anyone and i will run this again in the near future. Brad Gillingham bench is a decent program and isnt as hard as i expected. Would also recommend. Lastly Mag/Ort is good for gaining strength but be prepared for a very tough program. Make sure you eat alot and have plently of recovery. If deadlifting was my priority i would follow this program and drop volume on other lifts but at the moment it isnt.
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