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Mike ODonnell
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Default I guess hell can wait...

Totally forgot today was April.....fools that is....and here I was planning my trip....


"One notable exception to this longstanding heat wave was a brief period on October 27, 2004 when Hell in fact froze over. Experts are still debating the nature of this cold snap, though anecdotal evidence suggests that it may have been caused by the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series."
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kevin mckay
This message has been deleted by kevin mckay. Reason: link to hell on google maps not working
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kevin mckay
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Ron Nelson
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Couple of things.
First: yes, that's Downtown LA in the Wiki post. Not quite Hell, but close in some areas. According to Dante, I'm an unbaptized, virtuous pagan; thus, the first circle of Hell for me.
Second: I thought all of Michigan qualifed as "Hell," not just a podunk town.
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