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Brian Amundsen
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Originally Posted by James Evans View Post
Damn Brian, you've got me all 'I want to go home and give that a try'.

Away for the weekend so it will keep for now.
I did 4 circuits with 5 reps wednesday morning and then 3 circuits with 7 reps per exercise wednesday night and a few circuits earlier in the week. I could tell yesterday that my kettlebell "wind" was already better when I did my sets
of dbl swings outside the legs. 20 reps was no problem and I had a problem with 15 reps last week.
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James Evans
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You adapt to them quickly. My grip improved in a week from being a limiting factor.

But the increase in wind or sense of work capacity is really noticeable.

Regarding your other post on snatch sets I think Catherine is going to be the expert.
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R. Alan Hester
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Originally Posted by Brian Amundsen View Post
Here are two complexes I've been using quite a bit lately.

All done 1 arm-5 swings, 5 clean+push jerk, 5 front squats, 5 snatches, 5 overhead squats. Switch arms and repeat.
My wife and I did this one for 5 sets each side today with one DB, followed by a bodyrow/push-up circuit. Quite nice.
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