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Neal Winkler
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KB's are certainly expensive, but so are top of the line barbells and bumper plates.
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Ron Nelson
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I prefer Russian vodka to the type produced in the US or even Sweden.

I could care less about kb's.
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Allen Yeh
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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
I think Catherine is right on. KBs are awesome for KB exercises and thhey deserve credit for what they do well. The problem comes from a few unscrupulous individuals deciding they can fleece all the suckers out there with claims that KBs are the ultimate fitness solution. But that of course isn't unique to KBs--the new bowflex treadclimber apparently does everything also--the diffference is that KBs made their way into legit the S&C world andd the treadclimber never will.
Greg says this as he knows he just ordered a couple of those Bowflex thingy's for his gym....
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-Kelly Starrett
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Jason C. Brown
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That was one of the silliest things I've ever read & I love KBs. I love how some arguments claim that KBs make your stabilizers fire more but on the same page DBs are hard to control.. umm... That would be your stabilizers also knucklehead.

Where's Shaf when you need him?
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