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Troy Archie
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Default IF and School

Just curious if anyone has had any experience with IF and going to school full time? Has anyone found it's effects to be a distraction/inhibit there learning, studying and work or vice-versa and have noticed an increase in mental functions?
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Mike ODonnell
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IF is linked to increase neuro-response and improved cognative function......I do the 15 hr version and don't eat before 1pm and have coffee or tea...I feel more mentally focused and get things done quicker....I am not in school but lectures put me to sleep no matter what I ate or didn't eat...I think the only one I didn't nap through was on St Patty's Day when I had already been at the bar from 7-11am....
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Ron Nelson
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I've been on the IF bandwagon for about 12 days and have noticed increased alertness and clarity. I'm doing the "Fast-5" program and really like it so far.
As a teacher, it's easy to keep snacks around or dip into the candy dishes in the office. I'm finding it easy to avoid the temptation.

As for energy during lectures, I have plenty. My students on the other hand. . .
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