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olympic weightlifting, weightlifting, snatch, clean, jerk
Daily Training 2-4-12

Collected training footage of Catalyst lifters. Steve snatch pull, Audra clean & jerk, Dawn snatch, Steve front squat, Steve floating clean pull on riser, Steve segment clean pull, Alyssa clean & jerk.

Sully 1 | 2012-02-14
The Grudge!
Sully 2 | 2012-02-14
Ooops...it is Jimmy. Great music for listening whilst lifting. hahhaaaa
Sergio 3 | 2012-03-09
Great post Joe. Makes sense to me. Its really about drniemiteng the clients specific areas of dysfunction and then attacking it with various methods, insteading of just allowing them to keep moving in a way that will certainly lead to injury or poor performance. Its really about a good set of eyes and a coach that cares enough to correct the client, keep up the good work and will be following for sure, thanks Scott
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