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Weightlifting Coach Certification & Affiliate Weightlifting Gym Program: It's Finally Here
Greg Everett  |  June 13 2013

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Weightlifting Coach Certification & Affiliate Weightlifting Gym Program: It's Finally Here, Greg Everett,
I announced today that we have launched our weightlifting coach certification and affiliate gym program. This has been in the works for a few years now as I’ve wrestled with the question of how to ensure a quality, meaningful certification and a reliable affiliation system.

What I’ve arrived at is a system of certifications validated through both attendance of seminars and in-person and online testing. Certification candidates will have to demonstrate their abilities and knowledge at the appropriate level, including the production of competitive weightlifters at the advanced levels.

My intention is for this certification to allow coaches to distinguish themselves and provide clients and athletes the reassurance of their competence and their alignment with the Catalyst Athletics philosophy and methodology that many people have come to trust. The testing components of the certification makes me confident in these coaches representing Catalyst Athletics and serving their clients and athletes well.

Locations of Certification Seminars:

As of now, all certification seminars will be held at our Sunnyvale, California facility. This is an easily-accessible location—5 minutes from San Jose International Airport and 40 minutes from San Francisco International Airport—and surrounded by hotels. Holding certifications at our own facility allows me to ensure adequate space and equipment, and even more important, to have my full staff of 5 or more coaches working with certification candidates.

Having not done traveling seminars in a couple years due to my busy schedule and getting many requests to do so again every week, I know a large demand exists. However, I’m not willing to sacrifice the quality of the certification in order to achieve greater volume. We will likely begin holding certifications in additional locations eventually, but for now, expect to travel to sunny California to the incredible Catalyst Athletics gym.

Re-certification/Continuing Education:

I believe that if you have properly earned a certification, you don’t need to continue paying to demonstrate the same knowledge over and over again. If you’re coaching weightlifting actively, you’re using this knowledge and staying sharp. If you’re not actively coaching, your certification doesn’t matter anyway.


Each level of certification requires two testing components: The first is a test taken at the end of the seminar containing both multiple choice and essay questions. The second is an extensive online, multiple-choice test. Passing will require a score of 80% or greater.

Candidates will be allowed to retake a test one time following a failing score at no additional cost. If the candidate fails this retest, a waiting period will be required before retaking the test to allow the candidate to study and gain more experience. He or she will have to pay again for the testing portion of the certification.


In addition to the certification program, we will be creating an affiliate gym network. The goal of the affiliation program is to allow gyms to distinguish themselves among their competitors as providing quality weightlifting coaching and programs that are compatible with Catalyst Athletics philosophy and methodology.

Get More Information:

To get more information about certification and affiliation, and to register for upcoming certification seminars, please visit www.catalystathletics.com/cert/.

Thank you all for being so patient for this long-overdue program, and thank you for all of your support of Catalyst Athletics over the last seven years.
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