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Thursday January 7 2010
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Audra clean
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LP 2010-01-06
Hey Mr. E,

Can you disclose some details about that ball she was shouldering in the video? is it full of sand? does it ever bust open? need to be reinforced? how do you fill it?

I don't expect a comprehensive tutorial, but I would appreciate a bit of info. What else can you do besides shoulder it? ever throw it? It looks pretty fun; are there any advantages to using a ball like that over, say, a sandbag or a med-ball (or barbell)?
Mark Gleason 2010-01-07
I believe it's just an exercise ball filled with water. Those things don't break, I ran one over with my car accidentally and my car had more damage...
Gene 2010-01-07
Front squat - 80% of 230=185# x 3 x 5
Snatch pull - 95% (of snatch) of 145=130# x 2 x 3
Jerk - max for day 95-95-95-135-135-155-175 pressout-175; 90% of 175=160# x 1 x 3

3 rounds:
12 C2B pullups
12 burpees
12 24kg/53# KB Swings


took a gymnastics class last night, so made up yesterday this am.

Greg- just to verify, whenever we set a new PR, we use that new number for our percentages, right? For example, I started the cycle with front squat max of 215#, got 230# this past weekend. I used 80% of the 230 this am. Correct?
TeddyB_SC 2010-01-07
Make up from yesterday

Front squat - 100
Snatch pull - 81
Jerk off rack - 100 and 90*3/3
Aimee 2010-01-07
The ball is full of water. We haven't had one break yet. We also tell our peeps not to drop it from overhead, and to set it on the ground, as we don't want to test it. It is heavy, and awkward, and the water swishes around when you are moving it. So there isn't an advantage over a sandbag or a barbell, it is just different training. I like to use them because they surprise you... you think you have cleaned it, and all of a sudden the water swishes and throws you off balance... the first time I cleaned it to my shoulder I wasn't keeping my core tight, and I nearly buckled. And it is an advantage over a medball because it is a lot heavier than I think they even make medballs. Fun stuff... and hard work. Joc is moving the ball to her shoulders. We have also had peeps do overhead squats with them, turkish get-ups, farmer walks. We don't have someone throw it because I don't want to clean up all of that water if it happens to burst upon landing.

Gene- Yes, when you set a new PR, that is now the number you base your percentages off of.
LP 2010-01-07
Thanks Aimee
Robb Wolf 2010-01-07
Don't you guys know you can't quantify sledge hammer strikes? No value there...
Alexander Miezin 2010-01-07

I finally got the book in the mail today! Do yo recommend me finishing off this cycle on the site or jumping right into the Beginner or Intermediate one in the book?
Keith Morris 2010-01-07
moar flag, less dead!
Kyle Pichie 2010-01-07
HAHA Robb giving us a hard time! By the way, been listening to your Blog Pod Casts, LOVE them, keep them coming. And get rid of that extra typewriter sound in the background, driving me knockers. Other than that, you're great.
Greg Everett 2010-01-07
Alexander - Finish the current cycle before you switch.
Greg Everett 2010-01-07
Robb - Sure you can - you can count them. But more importantly, you can video them, and that's what matters.
Robb Wolf 2010-01-07
You and your logic...and proofs!
Gene 2010-01-07
My girlfriend took video of me missing one (1) back tuck and landing on my head. What does that count for?
LP 2010-01-07
AMRAP in 1 minute: laugh at Gene
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