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Thursday October 21 2010
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Joseph 2010-10-21
Thanks for the reminder I was looking for something I could do with my athletes to complete our pratice.
Mike T. 2010-10-21
I plan on hitting these cleans off the blocks again, to continue working on my 2nd/3rd pull and to continue prehabbing/working around my lower back/hip issue. If anyone thinks that's a bad idea I'm open to criticism. I also enjoy using slashes, apparently.
Jeroen 2010-10-21
What do you mean by: snatch "balance"?

Steve S. 2010-10-21
Clean - (135#; 150#; 160#) x3
Max Drop Snatch - 115#

15 pull-ups
10 Clean & Press/arm @ 25# (because I misread)
Greg Everett 2010-10-21
Jeroen - I mean the exercise snatch balance. Check the exercise demos section of the site if you don't know what it is.
jeroen 2010-10-21
thank you greg.

I think we call it a "drop under", it seems to be the same

Alfred "Skinny Guy" 2010-10-21
Snatch Balance-185#

15 Pull ups
10 KB Clean & P.Press/arm (24kg)
*Greg- Great conditioning set. I totally didn't see it coming. Those KB C&P's kicked my 135# ass all over the gym.
Jeff 2010-10-21
clean: 130#, 140#, 150.5#

butterfly kips, 1.5 pood

snatch balance:
Worked up to 160#, but most of my heavier singles looked more like snatch grip push jerks with overhead squats. Also worked up to 125# in snatch drop.
Mike T. 2010-10-22
Clean from the blocks: 80, 85, 90
Snatch Balance: 120

Dipped out on metcon b/c I had to pick someone up at the airport. I think I could have pushed 130 on snatch balance, my previous pr, but was happy to hit 120.
CW 2010-10-22
Did this workout a day late. Injured my hamstring in warming up, unusual pop and grind noise and pain, so made some changes.

Hang Clean - (60% x 1, 65% x 1, 70% x 1) x 3
98lb, 103lb, 108lb

Snatch balance - heavy single
Worked to 113lb.
Rob Sheldon 2010-10-23
Clean: 135, 145, 155#
Snatch Balance: 135#
Metcon: 9 minutes w/ 16kilo KB


Snatches: up to 65#
Power Clean work: up to 75#
Snatch Balance: 65
no metcon
Ian 2011-09-23
On the (60, 65, 70)x3 rep schemes, do you rest between lifts inside the parentheses?
Greg Everett 2011-09-23
Ian - Yes - Perform those as you would any other sets.
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