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Monday July 25 2011
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Kara prep
  • Snatch - 85% x 1 x 3; 50% x 1 x 5 OTM
  • Clean & Jerk - 80% x 1 x 3
  • Clean Pull - 90% x 2, 95% x 2, 100% x 2
  • Front squat - 85% x 1 x 2
Week 7 of 18

This week will taper for maxes on Saturday.

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Tom 2011-07-25
Is that an optical illusion or are her glutes that extremely developed?
Kara Doherty 2011-07-26
LOL!!!!!!! I"m dying Tom!!!
Tom 2011-07-26
upon closer inspection, it looks like the edge of black bumper plate perfectly superimposed over the radius of your glutes!
Aimee 2011-07-27
Upon closer inspection, I find that that is actually my ass sticking out behind her. So my ass plus her ass is one huge ass!
Tom 2011-07-28
Kara 2011-07-28
Baby got back! :)

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