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Sunday May 11 2014
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Jolie Jerk
Rest Day

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Kristie B 2014-05-11
Hey! Loving the work here. Still feeling really good about yesterdays snatch PR- 120#. That's +15 lbs since starting the program. Thanks!

I'm a little behind in the program as I take extra rest days when I work 12+ hour shifts. Resting today and the next training day will be the start of week six.

One question: can I safely add some conditioning work to loose a little fat? Maybe bodyweight or KB circuits or a run?

Thanks again for the great program!
Steve Pan 2014-05-12
Manipulate your diet to improve body composition instead.
Kristie B 2014-05-12
Damn it! I figured that might be the answer....alright, alright.

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