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Wednesday May 7 2008
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justin Fricke 2008-05-06
Modified 200 meter row
15 Db Swings
300 meter row
15 hyperext.
400 meter row
15 DB swings
500 m row

really it is the first time i have ever timed curious to see some others and where i am at...I like competition
Josh Everett 2008-05-06
My time was 3:45. Sorry! I was a little tired.
Mary Everett 2008-05-06
That's my MAN!!!!!
justin fricke 2008-05-07
I have a lot o fwork to do ...amazing josh
EricBrandom 2008-05-07
Snatch 85K
C&J 110k
FS 135k
Trevor Salmon 2008-05-07
I have been focusing on O lifts for the past 2 months with minimal metcons so working back at it with the shorter intense ones like this. OUCH
7:36 as rx'd (8kg for push ball, 24kg for kb swing,12kg for slam ball)
peter haas 2008-05-07
Snatch - 170lbs x 1 x 3
Clean & Jerk - 200lbs x 1 x 3
Front Squat - 225lbs x 2 x 3

metcon = 7:32

Damn, that's an awesome time Josh! What is that, like a split of 1:20/500m? Strong work!
josh everett 2008-05-07
someone is playing around... i didn't do this workout. I doubt that was Mary who posted. My guess is Danny or Mike!
josh everett 2008-05-07
just looked at the workout... I'd be 6minutes on the rower alone!
Kramer 2008-05-08
Full snatch isn't coming together...just not getting under. So went up to 115 (power) with 2 each OHS
Up to 195 C&J, but missed lock-out on the jerk
225 front squats...can go a little higher here.

11:23 Metcon...lots of transition time frm rower to other implements
Adc (CFS) BW 70kg 2008-05-08
Just about to drop weight ,Suddenly comes together



Met Con
CF Main WOD later
Doug 2008-05-09
I've really been enjoying the metcons posted recently (last few months) Thank you all so much for this service.
Allen Y 2008-05-15
Performed on 5/14/08

Did my regular workout and the metcon:

7:39 with the following modifications due to equipment available.
20# MB on push ball which is ~11%BW
55# KB on swings which is ~29%BW
20# MB on slam ball which is ~11%BW
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