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Tuesday August 19 2008
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  • Muscle snatch - heavy single
  • Tall clean + push press + push jerk - 50% (of clean) x 2 x 4

3 rounds for time of:
20 1-arm KB swing (10 each side) - 30% BW
20 GHD sit-ups
5 box jumps - mid-thigh +

Post numbers and questions to comments.
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MB 2008-08-18
Muscle snatch - heavy single (up to 50 kg) Tall clean + push press + push jerk - 50% (of clean) x 2 x 4 (50% was 43kg, but I rounded up to 50kg) 3 rounds for time of: 20 1-arm KB swing (10 each side) - 30% BW (20 kg KB) 20 GHD sit-ups 5 box jumps - mid-thigh + (close to hip height) Time: 8:10
Squib in Iraq 2008-08-19
Just starting this, so to make sure...we do more or less a power clean then push press and then push jerk for 2 reps, 4 sets? The muscle snatch, just 1 rep only 1 set? Thanks
Squib in Iraq 2008-08-19
Sorry, I realize the tall clean is much diff than a power clean, just had the question about the breakdown of the routine...
Alex Europa 2008-08-19
Squib, for the TC+PP+PJ you've got it; for the MS, you'll want to build up (working on technique) until you get to your one work set of one heavy MS. Muscle snatch - heavy single (100-lbs) Tall clean + push press + push jerk - 100-lbs x 2 x 4 3 rounds for time of: 20 1-arm KB swing (10 each side) - 55-lbs 20 GHD sit-ups 5 box jumps 30" Time: 6:37
tommi k 2008-08-19
Muscle sn.-heavy single 66kg Tall cln.+Pp.+Pj 58.5kgx2x4 3 rounds for time: 20 1-arm Kb swing(10 each side) 32kg 20 GHD SU 5 box jumps (25"/above knee) Time 5:48
ken c 2008-08-19
wow! exciting finish in the super heavyweight class. german dude mathias steiner c&j 258kg on his last lift to pass the russian dude who had just done 250kg. he won by one kilo with a 461 total! i'm still gunning for the gold medal fly weight women's total.
Greg Everett 2008-08-19
Squib - Yes on the first question. Sort of on the second - you're going to do muscle snatches with increasing weight until you've done the heaviest single you can manage - think of it as attempting a max without any failed attempts allowed.
John Messano 2008-08-19
(lbs) MSn ~ PwrSn - up to 95 (TCln*2+PP*2+PJ*2) - 85, 95*3 Metcon: sub'd DB swings - 40lb sub'd unachored AbMat situps 6:57 that was a fun workout!
donna 2008-08-19
Metcon: kb swings 8k (nursing sore shoulder) weighted abmat sit ups 24" box ummm 'step up' 6:51
Matt Wichlinski 2008-08-19
MS 145 I actually did a hang muscle snatch, could've done more tc+pp+pjx2x4 170 8:53 55# KB ghd sit ups Waist high box how much press out is allowed on the muscle snatch?
Matt Wichlinski 2008-08-19
Greg, what do you think of Michael Phelps' 12,000 cal/day diet and more importantly all his constant carb loading? Is he just some freak of nature that responds totally different to massive amounts of carbs? Or do you think he could possibly burn 12000 cals every daY?
Greg Everett 2008-08-19
Matt - RE press-out, as little as possible. It's hard to come up with a simple standard, but one way to consider it is that you don't want your elbows to drop - that is, during the turnover from pull to press, the elbows have to stay in the same position or continue moving higher.RE Phelps, first I'd guess that 12,000 is a very loose estimate and it's considerably higher than what he actually takes in. That said, looking at the swimmers' race schedule, there's no doubt they burn retarded amounts of calories then and in training. The activity is overwhelmingly glyocolytic, so there's definitely a need for substantial glycogen reserves, but there's a limit to how much the muscles and liver can maintain at a given time, so I'd also guess he, like most athletes, is probably overshooting his actual carb needs. He surely is a freak of nature, as are all athletes at his level, but he's also clearly doing something right with his training and nutrition. Would he improve with some dietary adjustments? Maybe, maybe not; it's impossible to say for sure without actually testing it; and for a guy who just won 8 gold medals, I sure as shit wouldn't want to be the guy to suggest changes in his routine
EricBrandom 2008-08-19
M/23/6'1"/180 MS 65kg TC+PP+PJx2x4 60kg 4:58 1.5pood kb ghd situps 32" box Matt - As somebody who swam with Phelps (albeit a very brief stay, I was visiting my friend who swam at NBAC) I can attest that yes, he burns 12000 cals daily. After one week of training with his team, I have never ever in my life been so sore... or hungry
David Ray 2008-08-19
MS 120# TC+PP+PJx2x4 100# 60# KB GHD Situps 30" box 8:51
James 2008-08-19
MS: 58kg TC+PP+PJ: 54kg Met Con (24kg, GHD, 24"): 5:40
Craig Snyder 2008-08-19
Combined WODs from yesterday and today. Drom Warm up with 12# bar Muscle Snatch, heavy single: 110#x1 Tall Clean + PP + PJ, 50%: 85# 2x4 Back Squat, 83%: 165# 3x5 Snatch Deadlift 110%: 150# 3x3 Push press 80%: 90# 5x5 Pull ups: 3x10 Weighted situups: 15# 3x10 Side planks: skipped...too much.
JD 2008-08-19
Muscle snatch - 65kg Tall clean + push press + push jerk - 60kg x 2 x 4
Matt Dyson 2008-08-19
M/38/170/5'7" Muscle snatch - heavy single 135# Tall clean + push press + push jerk - 50% (of clean) x 2 x 4 95# still working on technique with this one, lack of flexibility in shoulders for clean rack position. Met Con 24kg KB, GHD Sit Ups, 26" Box: 6:07
jb 2008-08-19
muscle snatch - 48kg tall clean + pp + pj - 48kg x 2 x 4 one arm kb swing x 10L/10R - 53# 15# weighted ab mats 30" box jumps x 5 6:01
James H 2008-08-19
DROM WU Muscle Sn up to 95# Tall CL + PP + PJ x2x4 90# 3 rnds: 20 1-arm DB swings (45#) subbed 20 weighted overhead situps (25# plate) 5 box jumps 8:27
Jason Ackerman 2008-08-19
Muscle Snatch 1x125 Tall Clean + PP +PJ 95lbs. x2x4 Post WOD: 15, 12, 9 135# Thrusters Muscle-Ups 20:45
ken c 2008-08-19
43/6'1"/188 muscle snatch: 165 tall clean+pp+pj: 125 metcon kb swings: 1.5 pood ghd sit ups: hand to ground box jumps: only have a 24" box so did 10 jumps 7:18 muscle snatch 165 and snatch 170. how crappy must my technique be?
George Heckert 2008-08-19
Muscle Snatch: 114 Tall Clean+PP+PJ: 40Kx2x4 3 rounds 20 1 arm kb swing 53# 20 situps 5 24" box jumps 6:24
Jonathan Dunn 2008-08-19
Muscle Snatch: Worked up to 135# over 7 sets (first timer on muscle snatches, so I started low) TC+PP+PJ: 120#x2x4 3 rounds 20 1 arm db swings 55# (no kb...yet) 20 GHD situps 5 18" box jumps (got to find a taller, stable platform!) 7:58 Really enjoying these first two workouts. Thank you!
Mike Donnelly 2008-08-19
Muscle Snatch: 95 Tall Clean+PP+PJ: 95 (started dangerously slow, got better) 3 rounds 20 1 arm kb swing 53# 20 GHD 5 mid thigh + jumps 14:50 (dangerously slow)
SD_Mikey 2008-08-19
Muscle snatch - 100# TC + PP + PJ - 95# x 2 x 4 Metcon: 7:47 (45# db, 32" box)
Matt Wichlinski 2008-08-19
thats nuts, i love it
Tarun Suri 2008-08-19
MS #85 TC+PP+PJ #45x2 + #55x2 + #65x2 + #75x2 + #85x2 3 rounds 20 1 arm kb swing #40 (Instead of #41) 10 GHD (missread) 5:41 I had a hard time with tall cleans. It was my first time getting under the bar so quickly. I progressed the weights to see just far I can do, but then my wrists were killing me. I'm sure I was using too much shoulder in MS as well. But I'm learning!
Jason Boag 2008-08-19
MS: 120lbs TC+PP+PJ: 100lbs Metcon: 5:52, 24" box and 24kg KB BW: 170
Richard Thomas 2008-08-20
Muscle Snatch: 55kg Tall Clean+PP+PJ: 45kg Doing a modified met con later. 1Arm KB Swings - jack knife sit ups - Burpees. Front squats for 10 sets of 3 coming up tomorrow!
Jody Woodland 2008-08-20
M/45/6'/242 MS 125# (awkward, need practice) TC+PP+PJx2x4 95# 60# DB GHD Situps 28" box 8:00
kent 2008-08-20
muscle snatch 145lb tall clean+push press+push jerk 145lbs metcon 5:50 60lb kb 34"box
carl 2008-08-20
MS: 100 TC: 95 metcon : 6:00 24kg ~32" box jumps
MAWL 2008-08-26
muscle snatch - 100lb TC + PP + PJ x2x4 - 115lb metcon - 7:49 24KG KB 24" box

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