Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches (2nd Ed.)

this book covers all areas needed to develop and further not only olympic lifts but the exercises and stretches that will lead up to these lifts. It covers nutrition, discusses programming and has a number of different programmes, and things to do leading up to competition. I havce already started to fuse my crossfit programming with the strength and power programme which I think will lead to massive improvements. An area I found particularly useful was the section on flexibility as this is the area that inhibits my movement the most. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in getting serious about olympic lifts - a must for crossfitters!


introduction, foundations, the snatch, the clean, the jerk, error corrections, programming and training, supplmental exercises, nutrition, flexibility, competition, resources.

One area I would of liked to have seen different are the images: maybe a little bigger with lines showing the trajectory of the bar etc but a minor detail. a superb book

izzet girgin, 09/21/2010
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