Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches


by Greg Everett
  • Second Edition
  • Paperback
  • 8.5" x 11"
  • 423 pages
A comprehensive guide to learning and instructing the Olympic and related lifts. Includes sections on learning progressions, lift analyses, error correction, competition, programming, sample training programs, flexibility, warm-up protocols, and nutrition.

Over 100 new pages have been added in this edition, with greatly expanded sections on programming, learning progressions and lift analyses.

“Simply the best book available on Olympic weightlifting.”
Don Weideman, Vice President, Pacific Weightlifting Association

“Without a doubt the best book on the market today about Olympic-style weightlifting.”
Mike Burgener, USA Weightlifting senior international coach

“Outstanding, Accurate, and Concise! A must read for athletes and coaches involved in the movements.”
Daniel Camargo, USA Weightlifting International Coach; President, Florida Weightlifting Federation.

“Everett's Olympic Weightlifting text is one of the best instructional books for the sport to be published in years. This is a must have for every weightlifting/strength and conditioning coach's library shelf.”
Bob Takano, Member USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame

“Everett's book is one of the most accessible and comprehensive weightlifting sources available for the coach and athlete today. I particularly like its linear approach to the subject and its easy to understand layman's language. From a beginner to an experienced practitioner, there is a whole compendium of the essential material necessary to understand and to implement a weightlifting plan that is correct and results oriented. I highly recommend this book for every serious strength coach or weightlifting practitioner.”
John Thrush, Head Coach Calpians Weightlifting

“I highly recommend the book. I would strongly argue that this book belongs on the shelf between Pavel's Power to the People and Tommy Kono's "Weightlifting: Olympic Style" as the three books that will lead you to the next level.”
Dan John

“Olympic Weightlifting: a Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches is the best book available on teaching & training Olympic weightlifting. The book is comprehensive yet digestible while being easy to follow and apply.”
Josh Everett, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, University of California Riverside

“This is the book I would recommend to anyone wanting to begin the sport of Weightlifting. Greg took material that has been discussed for decades by many many great coaches and authors and managed to present it with a clarity that has rarely, if ever, been achieved. I don’t care how many years you have coached, or how many lifters you have coached, no one is going to read this book without coming across a few passages that make a light-bulb go off in his head. Greg has a way of taking material that has been argued and discussed to death, and presenting it in such a clear way that it makes you wonder why anything else ever had to be written or said.”
Glenn Pendlay

“Anyone from a raw beginner to the elite level competitor will find something new in this book every time they open its pages. Everett’s strengths are his attention to detail and intelligent, accessible progressions. You will love this book, and it will never end up at the used bookstore.”
Robb Wolf, NorCal Strength & Conditioning

“My expectations were very high but still wildly surpassed. The only downside is that this book has made the bulk of my training library obsolete.”
-Rob McBee, CrossFit Camas

"Excellent book and should be required reading for all CrossFitters!"
-Steve Rakow, CrossFit Ocean City

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