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The Portable Greg Everett: Collected Articles 2005-2012 [E-Book]


- E-book (PDF)
- 6 x 9"
- 187 pages

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This e-book is a collection of Greg Everett's best articles from Catalyst Athletics the Performance Menu and his Ask Greg column from the Performance Menu from 2005-2012.

Includes the articles:
- Six Truths of Weightlifting Technique
- Hips, Meet Bar
- Improving the Clean through a Better Turnover
- The Power Snatch: Uses and Cautions
- Overhead Stability in the Snatch
- The Point
- Mensticular Fortitude
- The Role of Strength in Weightlifting
- Technique Drills and Training Lifts
- Strength. Again.
- Beginning Weightlifting as an Adult
- The Simplest Program in the World
- Program Design Case Study
- Twinkle Toes
- Catalyst Athletics: Our Warm-up is a Warm-up
- Plandomization
- Eliminating the Stopwatch
- Teaching the Olympic Lifts in the CrossFit Setting
- When the Olympic Lifts Aren’t Appropriate
- Isolation Exercises
- Shoulder Solutions
- Before You Squat
- The Importance of Technique for the Generalist
- The Prodigal Chain
- CrossFit Criteria
- Getting Stiff: A Revisionist Approach to Flexibility
- The Push-Up: Why Is This So Hard?
- The Kettlebell Swing
- Thoughts on the Kipping Pull-up
- A More Civilized Approach to Bleeding
- Attitude Adjustment
- Ask Greg: Performance Menu Issues 72-86

Note: Some of these articles are available for free on the Catalyst Athletics website.


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