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Dumbbell Moves DVD - Vol 3


Michael Rutherford

DUMBBELL MOVES Vol. III is the natural evolution from Volume II. Combining the movements from Volume I, this edition carries on the high intensity theme from its predecessor. This DVD combines the dumbbell with a few of our favorite tools.

The dumbbell is and will remain the focus of my system of conditioning. Over the last six months I have experimented successfully by adding the classic barbell, the plyometric box and the non-bounceable medicine ball.

My beta test group reported improvements in strength, stamina, and speed-strength (power). I was pleasantly surprised when two in the group reported an improvement in their athletic agility. This was encouraging as several of the NEW combinations include agility movements as part of the combo.

This is THE perfect companion to Volumes I and Volume II. Twenty-one variations are presented. When using three different protocol applications this creates an opportunity to generate over sixty different workouts.

All twenty-one combinations are demonstrated by Eva Twardokens. Eva is a 6 time National Champion, 2x Olympian, World Champion Bronze Medalist, 12 Year U.S. SkiTeam Veteran and World Technical Skiing Champion. Eva is the 2007 National Masters Weightlifting Champion.

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