Push, Jump, Punch: A Developmental Process for Teaching the Power Clean to Athletes [E-book]


by Joe Kenn
  • E-book
  • 8.5" x 11"
  • 117 pages
Joe Kenn is an experienced strength coach at all levels, including collegiate and professional (NFL). This manual provides his approach to teaching the power clean to athletes and the rationale for both the process and the need to implement the movement in athletes' training programs.

"The purpose of this manual is simple. It is to be a valuable asset and tool for the coach who is responsible for the safety, well-being and health of all athletes who participate in a structured strength and conditioning program. This manual is designed for educational purposes only, putting to use my philosophy of engaging in serious thought on the proper procedures necessary to educate and teach today’s athletes, regardless of developmental level. The teaching process in this manual was not developed in a class room. It was designed while teaching “on the floor” in two of the best universities in the nation. Am I proud of this process? Damn right. Do I think it has value to others? For sure, that is why I wrote the manual. Do I expect everyone to drop what they are doing and do it my way? OF COURSE, NOT! I hope this manual gives you an example of slowing down the teaching and learning process and helps you develop a successful plan from a different training perspective."


“Push Jump Punch: A Developmental Process for Teaching the Power Clean to Athletes is an essential read for any coach trying to implement Olympic Lifting into their Athlete's training plan. Olympic lifts are very complex due to the detail and precision required to execute. Because of the complexity, often times teaching these lifts results in too much information given to the athlete leaving them feeling overwhelmed. By using various helpful coaching cues that simplify the teaching process, Coach Kenn has taken a very complex lift and made it simple. Another valuable feature of Punch Jump Punch is the yearly plan Coach Kenn designed for implementing these lifts into your training plan. It is comprehensive and informative, the perfect solution for any coach looking to properly plan their training year. Using Push Jump Punch process, your athlete will step onto the platform with correct form and confidence. Pick up a copy of Push Jump Punch to help you and your athletes achieve their lifting potential.”
Mark Uyeyama
Assistant Strength Coach
San Francisco 49’ers

“Once again Coach Kenn creates a great “real world” source of information. I believe coaches of all levels can successfully implement this developmental process. This method is practical, realistic, and battle tested by coaches who train athletes on a daily basis.”
Brandon Marcello
Director of Sports Performance
Stanford University

"The biggest complaint coaches make about the Olympic lifts is that they are too difficult to teach. Coach Kenn's PUSH JUMP PUNCH manual gives the coach step-by-step instruction on how to take their athletes' from the athletic or "ready" position all the way to performing the full Olympic weightlifting movements. If coaching Olympic lifts is something you want to bring to your training program the PUSH JUMP PUNCH manual is a must in your library as the numerous pictures, detailed explanations, step by step teaching progressions and program design concepts will assist you in your quest to developing faster and stronger athletes."
Patrick Ward MS, CSCS, LMT

“Coach Kenn recognizes the value of the Olympic lifts for athletes, but also the necessity of simplicity and practicality for the strength coach. Push-Jump-Punch provides an approach to teaching athletes the lifts that will work for coaches in any situation, but doesn’t neglect the importance of technical proficiency for effectiveness.”
Greg Everett
Head Coach Catalyst Athletics Weightlifting,
Author of Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches

“Coach Kenn's "Push-Jump-Punch" is a REAL book for REAL coaches. His no-nonsense, easy to follow coaching cues and progressions allow any coach to break through the technicalities of teaching and coaching one of the most commonly used explosive movements in strength and conditioning; the deck clean. I highly recommend this book for any coach looking for immediate improvements in their athlete's performance.”
Adam Feit
Head Sports Performance Coach
Eastern Michigan University

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