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Olympic Weightlifting: A DVD Guide to Learning & Teaching the Olympic Lifts

Greg Everett’s book Olympic Weightlifting: A Complete Guide for Athletes & Coaches has been called “the best book available on...

Catalyst Stainless Steel Water Bottle

BPA-free, 26-oz stainless steel water bottle with the Catalyst Athletics logo. 2.75" diameter, 11" height, 1.75" opening diameter.

The Coach's Strength Training Playbook

Strength and conditioning specialist Joe Kenn draws upon the three strength disciplines; weightlifting, powerlifiting, and body building, as well as...

Werksan Competition Set

IWF Certified 190 OR 185 kg. Competition Set with small rubber friction plates. Set Details: One (1) 20kg or 15kg WerkSan Barbell, with (2) each, 25,...

Werksan Economy Set

Set Details: One (1) 20kg or 15kg WerkSan Training Barbell, with (2) each, 25, 20, 15, 10, and metal 5, 2.5, 2, 1 & 0.5 kg plus two (2) 2.5kg...

Werksan Training Set

Kilogram Training Set with Small Metal Plates IWF Certified 187 kg (men's) OR 182 kg (women's) Training Set. Set Details: One (1) 20kg or...

Werksan Competition Collars

Werksan competition barbell collars. 2.5 kg each, IWF certified. Sold in pairs.

Werksan Training Collars

Werksan training barbell collars. 2.5 kg each, sold in pairs.

Werksan Competition Barbell

5 roller bearings; excellent spin and whip. IWF certified. Mens: 20kg and 28mm shaft Women's: 15 kg and 25 mm shaft