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Collected Training 8-19-11

Collected training footage of Catalyst lifters. Aimee overhead squat, Steve block clean pull + clean, Audra block snatch pull + snatch, Alyssa segment clean + clean, Jaqueline snatch, Steve snatch pull.

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Caleb 2011-12-13
Greg, what's the name and purpose of the pull variation that Audra & Steve do in this vid? the one where they are pulling from low blocks and initiate the pull under but do not finish the lift?
Greg Everett 2011-12-13
Caleb - Sometimes called Chinese pulls and a few other things. I usually call them high-pull-downs when I write programs. The point is to work on changing directions and strengthen the back and arms for the pull under. It can be problematic though because often lifters will cut their extension short and pull under early, which both of those guys do some of the time, so I use them in small doses fairly infrequently.
Caleb 2011-12-13
thanks Greg.
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