Catalyst Athletics Daily Training


Sunday September 30 2007

Rest up today--the WOD begins tomorrow. Instead of sitting on the couch, get in some active recovery work such as light sled pulling, boxing, swimming or rowing.

For all the pertinent info on the WOD, check out the WOD info page.

Saturday September 29 2007

  • Snatch
  • Clean & Jerk

Take each lift up to a single that's approaching heavy, but completely manageable. Then drop 10% and take another single; then drop another 10% and take 2 singles.

4 rounds of:
30 Russian twists
10 overhead sit-ups

Friday September 28 2007

Test 1RM back squat

All back squats should be Olympic-style (high-bar, ass to ankles).

Hopefully you paid attention to the earlier post and tapered your training accordingly. If not, and your back squat is less than impressive today, use your current record instead for the first cycle of the program.

Thursday September 27 2007

In addition to exercises found in the CrossFit movement pool, the CA WOD will use some less-well-known exercises, particularly weightlifting movements. Descriptions and video demonstrations can be found here. With exercises requiring higher degrees of technical precision, spend the time developing a solid technique base before attempting to load them heavily. More time invested early in technique work will pay off in the long run.

Wednesday September 26 2007

The CA WOD will be demanding and it may take some time for athletes to work up to performing it in its prescribed totality. If you're unsure whether or not you'll be able to manage it, be conservative for the first couple weeks and reduce the volume as necessary, particularly of the CrossFit workouts. The strength and Olympic lifting training is the first priority, so get that up to RXd speed before the CF training.

Tuesday September 25 2007

For those who will be training early in the morning and are concerned about getting the day's workout in time, fear not. You can access the next day's workout by clicking the TOMORROW link at the top of the page.

Monday September 24 2007

Some questions have been circulating about the upcoming WOD schedule. For at least the first 16 weeks, we will train Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday; Thursday and Sunday will be rest days.