3 sets:
40 m prowler sprint - add 40% BW; no rest
AMRAP ring rows
2 min rest

Notes: Ring rows - place feet on box at same height as rings; body must stay rigid. Adjust body angle as needed to ensure at least 10 reps in the first round." />

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Arnold rope climb
Friday December 25 2009

  • Mid-hang power snatch - 65% x 2 x 5; 1 min rest
  • Snatch balance - max for day; 90% of that x 1; 80% x 2 x 2
3 sets:
40 m prowler sprint - add 40% BW; no rest
AMRAP ring rows
2 min rest

Notes: Ring rows - place feet on box at same height as rings; body must stay rigid. Adjust body angle as needed to ensure at least 10 reps in the first round.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Kyle Pichie 1 | 2009-12-25
Any type of substitute for a prowler sprint haha us here in canada would have it easy with the slippery ice and all. Plus no rack to push around.
Gordo 2 | 2009-12-25
Along with Kyle's sub request, how often will this be programmed? Trying to guage if I am going to make the purchase...
Greg Everett 3 | 2009-12-25
Kyle - You can sub with a row sprint or double-unders if you need to be inside. Or if you can drag a sled inside, you can load it up heavy and try to pull for 20 sec or so.
Greg Everett 4 | 2009-12-25
Gordo -Here and there. You don't need to buy one, but they are a cool toy to have... You can get an econ model from Elite FTS for a pretty decent price. You can also use it as a pulling sled, so it's a good investment.
Scott Pauly 5 | 2009-12-25
43/yom/200lbs Mid-hang Power Snatch 58.5kg x2x5 1min rest Snatch Balance max 100kg 90kg x1 80kgx2 Took many sets of sn balance to get a max so I cut short some of the work sets
Kyle Pichie 6 | 2009-12-25
22/yom/170lbs Mid-hang Power Snatch 115 x2x5 1min rest Snatch Balance max 205lbs Forgot to do my drop sets, damnit! lol Now I have a quick question about the Snatch Balance. My goal was to do the max amount of weight, but with that thought in mind, it started to look more like an OHS rather than a snatch balance. For max out days should I focus more with lighter weight and speed under the bar and coordination? or more weight and catch it a little higher. OR is it fine to try both every once in a while, seeing how they might compliment each other? I need some professional opinion :) hopefully clear this up for me.
Kyle Pichie 7 | 2009-12-25
Also, I subbed a 85# sandbag run for the prowler sprints, definatly not the same. And those ring pulls gave me such a great bicep pump it was amazing. What a feeling!
Gordo 8 | 2009-12-25
Weights in pounds today Mid-hang power snatch 95x2x5 Snatch Balance up to 160, then 145x1, 125x2x2 the drop sets proved more challenging than expected 3 times through with 2 minute rest 40 double unders AMRAP "Ice Cream Makers" on the rings 15,12,10 -happy with that sub since I have been lacking in the gymnastics skill training recently. Will probably splurge on the prowler, looks like a degree of suck similar to using sandbags and a rower in a couplet...
TeddyB_SC 9 | 2009-12-25
M-H P. Snatch 52-2x5 Sn Balance 70 63 56x2
Ian Carver 10 | 2009-12-25
Another rest day.
Alexander Miezin 11 | 2009-12-31
22 year old male, 5'9, 185 lbs. Mid Hang Power Snatch: warm-up 45 lbs. x 10 65 lbs. working sets: 95 lbs. 5,5 Snatch Balance: warm-up 45 lbs. x 5 95 lbs. x 3 working sets: 135 lbs. x 1 115 lbs. x 1,1 95 lbs. x 2 (still working at these) threw in: BB Curl 50 lbs. x 12 80 lbs. x 10 Jump Rope: 10 minutes Hanging Leg Raises 10,8,8
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