3 sets:
A1. RDL x 5
A2. KB cross-chop x 10/side" />

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Dion split jerk
Saturday June 5 2010

  • Snatch - (60% x 1, 65% x 1, 70% x 1) x 2
  • Back squat - 80% x 5 x 6
  • Bulgarian split squat - 3 x 8
3 sets:
A1. RDL x 5
A2. KB cross-chop x 10/side

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Cuban B 1 | 2010-06-04
What time is it? It's PRIME TIME.
JHo 2 | 2010-06-05
Are we supposed to rest between the 60, 65, and 70% snatches or just change the weight and go?
Greg Everett 3 | 2010-06-05
JHo - Rest as you would normally between snatch sets.
Andy 4 | 2010-06-05
Hey Greg, just got your book in the mail. I'm wondering which program template to follow, the intermediate program in your book (along with the strength and power phases), or your WOD on this site? Both seem very effective, but I'm wondering what the major (if any) differences are.
Greg Everett 5 | 2010-06-06
Andy - I would start with the intermediate program in the book for several weeks, tap that out, then re-evaluate.
Erik Reckdenwald 6 | 2010-06-06
Snatch - (60% x 1, 65% x 1, 70% x 1) x 2 (115# x 1, 125# x 1, 135# x 1) x 2 Back squat - 80% x 5 x 6 265# x 5 x 6 Bulgarian split squat - 3 x 8 95# x 8 x 3 3 sets: A1. RDL x 5 = 185# A2. KB cross-chop x 10/side = 35#
JHo 7 | 2010-06-06
Snatch 55x1, 60x1, 64x1 Back Squat 125x5, 135x5, 143x4 bulgarian split squat 42x8, 50x8, 53x8 10 ball slams 25# 20 Double unders 5 rounds 1000m row 10 ball slams 25# 20 Double unders 5 rounds for time 11:15. goal of sub 10 next time. Back was feeling off, plus switching to a high bar back squat has been an awkward adjustment. Snatch felt great.
Björn Uddenfeldt 8 | 2010-06-08
S: 40 kg - Fast and no wobbling, improvement! HBBS: 100 kg - Not shure if i could do this, but it went well. Rest 2-2:20 min b/t sets Bulgarian: 30 kg barbell - Need to improve balance + Finisher: RDL: 50 kg, Crosschops: 24 kg Time: 3-4 min
Emil 9 | 2013-09-01
backsquat 80% x5 x6, is it 5 repetition and 6 sets or the opposite?
Steve Pan 10 | 2013-09-03
Emil - That would be 6 sets of 5 reps. Read the About the Program section to the right for more information on notation.
Andrew Karlovich 11 | 2014-04-13
Snatch 115,125,135# Back Squat 260# BSS 90#
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