3 sets:
A1. Back extension x 10
A2. Planks front/side - max hold; add weight if more than 1 min" />

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Aimee clean
Tuesday June 8 2010

  • Snatch pull off blocks - 110% (of snatch) x 3 x 5
  • Jerk rack support - 3 x 5 sec hold @ max weight
  • Back squat - 80% x 2 x 6
3 sets:
A1. Back extension x 10
A2. Planks front/side - max hold; add weight if more than 1 min

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Björn Uddenfeldt 1 | 2010-06-08
The 30 HBBS the other day, last set: http://vimeo.com/12399981 Tipping forward, especially on the 2nd rep, but I´m happy I was able to do it! :) Also a step forward with the snatches: http://vimeo.com/12399895
JHo 2 | 2010-06-08
Snatch Pull off blocks 102k Jerk Rack Support 125k, 125, 145k, 155k Back Squat 143k Jerk rack support was murder. I thought my clavicles might break. I feel so far from getting 300lbs over my head. 45k squat clean 20 situps MRI 7 min 5 rounds 5 cleans. Situps should have been faster 3 sets HSPU on parallettes 5 Back X 10
JR 3 | 2010-06-09
Useful post here. I'm an older lifter with businesses to run and kids to raise, so having a well programmed 3 day routine is perfect. thank you for helping those of us who love weightlifting but cant seem to fit it in 5 days per week.
Jason Kinser 4 | 2010-06-09
Great post. Especially for those of us with more responsibilities than time.
Greg M. 5 | 2010-06-09
Ah, so THAT's what it's going to feel like when I'm able to stand up wtiht a 120 kg rack (74 kg novice). Awesome -- can't wait to get there!
Björn Uddenfeldt 6 | 2010-06-10
Totally missunderstood todays wod. Cleans instead of snatch and support with my max jerk (instead of max of support). Anywho: Clean pull off: 120 kg x 2 set, 110 kg x 3 set Support: 100 kg BS: 100 kg BS walkouts 3x8 sek 140 kg Planks, front 3 x 1 min, sides 30 sec x 1 min
Andrew Karlovich 7 | 2014-04-17
Snatch Pull 96kg Jerk Support 160kg Back Squat 119kg
April 8 | 2014-10-07
Question: Snatch pull off blocks - 110% (of snatch) x 3 x 5 - May i know how high would this be? (mid-thigh?) Jerk rack support - 3 x 5 sec hold @ max weight max weight that i can hold for 3 sets at 5 seconds?? thanks!
Steve Pan 9 | 2014-10-09
Snatch pull off blocks from mid-thigh. For the jerk supports it is the max weight you can use for the three sets.
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