3 sets; no rest:
15 sandbag push press
30 standing plate twist" />

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Mike snatch
Saturday June 19 2010

  • Back squat - 90% x 4 x 4
  • Bulgarian split squat (DBs) - 3 x 5
  • Good morning - 4 x 5
3 sets; no rest:
15 sandbag push press
30 standing plate twist

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Nick L. 1 | 2010-06-19
Back Squat 300# 4 x 4 Bulgarian (55# DBs) 3 x 5 Good Mornings 135# 4 x 5 3 sets 15 SB PPress (65-70#) 30 standing plate twist 45# I have a question. when I do heavy squats (like yesterday)I always feel incredibly inflexible and cannot get my hips past horizontal for the first few sets. By the end i'm fine. I always stretch for ~10 min. prior to a workout, and even do some "mock" squats with 135#, going lower than necessary, in order to stretch out the legs. should I do more mock sets, building up to the heavy weight, or would that compromise the intent of the workout? I feel like i'm not getting everything out of the workout because of this, but I also dont want to injure myself. what do you think?
gradymac 2 | 2010-06-20
Lookin Good MIKE G!
Greg Everett 3 | 2010-06-20
Nick - Your "mock" sets sound a lot like a warm-up - warming up is a good idea. You need to warm-up however necessary to do the workout - what is necessary depends on the athlete, the workout and the day in question. You may need to do several quick sets at a light weight before starting to move up to your working weight.Also - if you feel like you're going lower than necessary, you're not squatting all the way - you can't go lower than the bottom, which is where you should be squatting to.
Erik Reckdenwald 4 | 2010-06-20
Back squat - 90% x 4 x 4 300# x 4 x 4 Bulgarian split squat (DBs) - 3 x 5 55# ea arm x 5 x 3 Good morning - 4 x 5 125# x 5 x 4 3 sets; no rest: 15 sandbag push press = 65# 30 standing plate twist = 45#
Nick L. 5 | 2010-06-20
ok so to be clear I should bottom out, touching my butt to my ankles on squats? I was always taught to just make sure the hips go below parallel with the knees, is that not the case?
Greg Everett 6 | 2010-06-21
Nick - You were not taught by people who snatch and CJ heavy weights. You will eventually be forced to the bottom of a squat whether you want to be or not, so you better start preparing for it with regard to flexibility and strength. You should be sitting in as deep as possible on every squat - meaning you're trying to close you knee joint as completely as possible while maintaining back extension.
Björn Uddenfeldt 7 | 2010-06-23
BS: 120 kg - very happy with this! Bulgarian, bb: 50/40/30 kg - bit tired in the legs by now GM: 50 kg 3 sets 15 PP, 30 kg 30 plate twist, 25 kg Ca 3 min
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