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Jacqueline clean
Monday October 24 2011

  • Snatch - 5 x 3 (~70-80%)
  • Snatch pull - 4 x 4
  • Pause back squat - 4 x 3
Feel out weights for each exercise that are challenging but not max efforts.

This will be a quick 4-week cycle working to max snatch and CJs on Saturday of week 4.

Week 1 of 4

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Cory 1 | 2012-02-20
Hey Greg, I only have 4 days a week to train and I was curious if this cycle would still be effective if I dropped the fourth day, rested thursday and completed the week on friday? I know it's not ideal but that's all the time I have. My other question is do you have a template for a 4 day a week cycle or have instructions on putting one together? Thanks for the help.
Greg Everett 2 | 2012-02-20
Cory - I would try to add the exercises from the day you cut somewhere else in the week, especially those that address your weaknesses. If you need to cut back a bit, trim out a couple exercises that just play to your strengths instead.
Cory 3 | 2012-02-21
Greg- That's why I ask...your a smart dude
kc 4 | 2012-10-10
hey there! I'm super excited to test out this new programming. What should the percentages be for snatch/clean pulls and pause squats? Thank you for your help
Steve Pan 5 | 2012-10-11
KC - You will have to feel out weights for those as some people will be able to handle different percentages on those. For the snatch pulls I would say about 80% to 90% and in some cases more. Just make sure you are hitting good positions and decent speeds on them.
KC 6 | 2012-10-12
thank you so much!!!
Frankie 7 | 2013-03-17
Are these reps to be done as a super set? I'm also unfamiliar with a snatch pull, is that like a shrug for snatching? Can't wait to try this cycle out!
Steve Pan 8 | 2013-03-18
Frankie - These exercises should not be performed as a super set. The snatch pull exercise demo is found here: catalystathletics.com/exercises/exercise.php?exerciseID=97
Curt 9 | 2013-05-27
Is there a recommendation on rest between sets? If I may ask another question, if someone were to incorporate some CF metcons with this, would you think it might be too much?
Steve Pan 10 | 2013-05-28
2-3 minutes between sets should be good. It is not recommended to add this program to another program. Check the Program Help section at the right for more information on this.
Curt 11 | 2013-05-30
Thank you Steve. One last question. If you had to pick on book/dvd that would help teach someone the proper positioning of the hands/arms for the front rack position, what would it be? I have beat up my wrists trying to get it right...I realize I need to go back to square one and learn the absolute best form I can before using any more weight.
Steve Pan 12 | 2013-05-30
Greg's Olympic Weightlifting Guide is right on point for pretty much anything you could cover for the sport. I would suggest finding a width that is about where it will let the bar naturally sit at your hips. From there you can adjust a bit over head but make sure you aren't so wide that you aren't able to pull the bar into position. Take some time to let your wrists condition to turning the bar over and supporting weight over head with that width. If they continue to be a problem you may try using wrist wraps or taping the wrists. Make sure you don't go so crazy with the wrist support that it interferes with your turnover or your grip.
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