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Brian Jerk
Thursday January 31 2013

  • Back Squat - heavy single
  • Jerk Bnk - 5 x 2
  • High-Hang Clean - 5 x 2
  • Push Press - 4 x 5
  • Front Squat - heavy single; 3 x 3

3 sets; no rest
15 Pull Ups
12 DB Presses

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luke 1 | 2013-01-30
what's a jerk bnk?
Pedro V. 2 | 2013-01-31
Behind the neck? but.. I am fairly new to this outstanding site. If u have the time wait for a more experienced Catlethic stud to respond.
Steve R 3 | 2013-01-31
What's everyone's take on using knee wraps when squatting? I notice my knees are getting pretty tight as this week goes on. I'm doing a lot of mobilty/foam rolling before and after each workout. Thoughts?
Stephan 4 | 2013-01-31
Are most people capable of squatting heavy singles four days in a row without any major pains? Is the Today's workout program beginner/intermediate-friendly? Will the eventual pain from training heavy so frequently subside? Also, if someone could recommend a good source on injury prevention, that would be great! Quadriceps/hamstring ratio and its correlation to injuries, joint health (especially wrist health) etc.
LT 5 | 2013-01-31
I am new to this specific program, but previously worked off a Bulgarian template that called for heavy squatting daily. I found that as long as I don't go to a true max and never failed an attempt, the pains generally go away. Also, it is important for me to keep my warm-up brief. ie if I am going to hit a back squat single at 365, I might squat 135x5 twice, 225x2, then singles at 275, 315 and then 365. Since intensity is high, keeping the overall volume down is key (for me)
JC 6 | 2013-01-31
Stephan, I'm sure you've already seen it before, but there is about nothing (free) that beats KStarr and his mwod. I go there whenever I feel pain/stiffness in any joint/muscle/tendon. And I wear knee sleeves, but just to keep my knees warm. Found that helps a lot.
Steve Pan 7 | 2013-01-31
Luke - Pedro is correct, jerk bnk is jerk behind the neck.
Greg Everett 8 | 2013-01-31
Stephan - If this is your first exposure to dedicated weightlifting training, probably not. If you've been training for a while, you should be fine. If you have significant pain, there is a problem - either you have work to do on mobility, recovery, technique, etc, or you jumped into this program without being prepared. Read the help page for the workouts for more info.
Stephan 9 | 2013-01-31
Thanks for the answers! I don't have any major pains now but I like to do a lot of injury preventive training. Been doing sports my whole life, and squatting, benching and deadlifting heavy for 14 months. And I also find it very interesting what other people do for recovery and to prevent injuries. Unfortunately the olyfting community in Norway isn't very big. I will learn how to do the lifts properly and give this a go.
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