3 rounds for time of:
1/2 Tabata row (4 rounds of 20 sec sprint / 10 sec rest)
25 Sit-ups

Post numbers and questions to comments." />

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weight lifting, Olympic weightlifting, strength and conditioning, fitness, crossfit, Workout, training program - Catalyst Athletics Friday October 12 2007

  • 3-position muscle snatch (high hang, hang, floor) - 3 x 3
  • Overhead squat - work up to a heavy double
  • Chins - 3 x max

3 rounds for time of:
1/2 Tabata row (4 rounds of 20 sec sprint / 10 sec rest)
25 Sit-ups

Post numbers and questions to comments.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Kaizan 1 | 2007-10-12
Bad link on the video mate.
Paul 2 | 2007-10-12
I just saved to disk and played it
Greg Everett 3 | 2007-10-12
Link fixed.
Allen Yeh 4 | 2007-10-12
Row 500m@5 - 139 Drag factor - 1:49 OHS w/ stick -15 invereted hamstring forward - 6L/R arm swings - 10 for/back leg swings - 10L/R pushup - 10 wall slide - 8 Burgener warmup-45 x 1 3 position muscle snatch - (high hang, hang, floor) - 45 x 1, 45 x 3, 65 x 3, 85 x 3, 85 x 3 (45 seconds rest) OHS - 45 x 5, 135 x 2, 155 x 2, 165 x 2 (PR!) (90 seconds rest) chins - 11, 8, 4 (3 minutes rest) Notes: -CA WOD 12OCT2007 -OHS - PR for me! I didn't think of it till I was driving home that I could have tried 175, I quit after 165 because I knew 185 was too heavy and didn't think about rearranging the plates to get the right weight, they only have 10, 15, 25 ad 45 pounds in the bumper area. ADUH -Chins - Didn't feel tired just didn't have it in me today -Metcon - Skipped due to PT test in the morning.
Nathan Stanley 5 | 2007-10-12
3 pos snatch 45lbs 3 or 4 times just to warm up 75lbs (I have trouble w/ flexibility w/ going into the full squat OHS (w/out squat stands) 75, 105, 135, 155 Pull-ups 8, 6 , 6
Martin Schap 6 | 2007-10-12
3 position muscle snatch- 89#x3x3 OHS- 135 Chins- 12-11-11 Switched the conditioning to: 3 rds- 1 minute left hand kb snatch (1 pood) 1 minute right hand kb snatch 1 minute sit-ups with a full minute rest after each minute of work L/R/sit-ups 12/12/28 19/21/26 16/20/27
Scotty Hagnas 7 | 2007-10-13
AM- 3 pos snatch - 45x3x3;65x3 OHS: 95x2;115x2;135x2;155x2;160x2 I haven't OH squatted heavy for over a year, I think - so I am pretty happy with a double 10 lbs under BW. R shoulder felt a little unstable, though. Straddle planche x2"x3"x3" Felt weak on these. PM- Pullups +53lbs x1;+73 lbs x1;dead hang x 14x10 WOD: X3 rounds 1/2 tabita row 40" total "L" sit 11:11' I chose L sits in place of situps as I am trying to get thru CrossFit level 3 by the end of the year, and need to boost that L sit time. Rows averaged 96m per interval, 88m the lowest and 101m the highest.
ben moskowitz 8 | 2007-10-13
love the vid, would love to see more!
Geoff Aucoin 9 | 2007-10-15
88,93,98 for snatch Worked up to 198 for OH Squat 12,11,12 for chins.
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