3 rounds of:
10 TGU sit-ups (each side)
45-sec front plank

Post numbers and questions to comments." />

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Keysha making another impossible save
Saturday October 13 2007

  • Snatch - max for the day
  • Clean & Jerk - max for the day
  • Back squat - max for the day

3 rounds of:
10 TGU sit-ups (each side)
45-sec front plank

Post numbers and questions to comments.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Robb Wolf 1 | 2007-10-12
Snatch- 42, 51, 62, 70, 75, 78, 80, 82-missed twice. C&J-62L, 71L, 84L, 93L, 102R (L/R designates foot forward. I'm tinkering with using the weak side as heavy as I can, then switch). Back Squat-3x62, 1x84, 1x102, 1x111, 1x135-Felt strong but my left knee has been spicy so I saved a little. This was a Rip-esque squat. Hammies and calves touch but it is not as deep as an OL Bsquat. Did this Friday, on the road saturday.
DougM 2 | 2007-10-12
Greg, Just curious - why do you have the back squat as a benchmark? Most oly programs that i have seen emphasize the front squat. While I see that you mix the squats during the week, weekend "test" uses the back squat. I'm not complaining - I like the program so far, and am looking forward to this workout on Sunday. Just trying to learn.
Greg Everett 3 | 2007-10-12
I still typically emphasize the FS - in this 4-wk period, though, I'm heavy on BS simply because I want some greater systemic loading, and the higher weights in the BS vs FS will bring this. Over time, it will become clear that the FS will dominate.
ChrisC 4 | 2007-10-13
Snatch-62.5 / CJ-92.5 / BS-130 Found Crossfit in August but fell in love with PM. Very new to Oly Lifts. Great Job Greg. I appreciate the passing on of your knowledge. The TGUs kicked my butt. 10:03.9
Scotty Hagnas 5 | 2007-10-13
About 2 1/2 hrs of Parkour in the am. Man, that was fun. Later, to the gym: Stuck outside in the parking lot for this, as it was belt testing day there and the place was full. So I lifted in the lot on a slanted surface. Snatch: Not feeling this at all. Couldn't even get 115 to stabilize.... C&J: Felt better here, worked up to a C&J PR of 190. BS: No squat rack in the lot = no dice. Did weighted pistols - 50 lbs X 1. Legs were trashed from all of the Parkour jumping and landing. WOD: Turkish 1/2 ups w/36 lb KB 45" plank 7:10'
Jesse Woody 6 | 2007-10-13
Snatch 155lb C & J 200lb No back squat, too beat up. Greg, the workout is amazing, but I've totally abused myself for the last few months and I realized when I went and attempted a 135lb back squat and got nothing but pain that I needed to take some time off. Unfortunately I won't be at 100% of my O-lifting ability when you guys get here, but I can't wait to pick your brains (again)
Greg Everett 7 | 2007-10-13
Take care of that back! I sprained my left SI and L5-S1 joints about 4 weeks ago and am just now getting back to some reasonable numbers. Ice the shit out of it, and go steal an ultrasound and muscle stim unit from your local PT office.
Martin Schap 8 | 2007-10-13
Snatch: 145 (PR) C&J: 185 Squat: 265 1 pood for TGU sit-ups
Nicholas Hahn 9 | 2007-10-14
Snatch: 165 Clean: 185 BS: N/A due to pesky ITB 3 rounds for time: TGU-Sit-ups 10 on each side 1.5 pood 45 sec. plank 9:58 Still new to O-Lifts and just coming of separated AC. Thanks for these workouts. This was the second one I've tried.
DougM 10 | 2007-10-14
M/38/5'11"/170 Snatch: up to 100 lbs. (fail), 100 (ugly but good), 105 (fail) C&J: 135 lbs. (pr) Squat: 220 lbs. (pr) C&J's felt really good. I am learning to catch the bar low and trust my front squatting ability Snatches felt ugly today. Horrible form. I'm pulling up to my eyeballs, but not getting under the bar quickly enough. Only did 2 sets of 10xTGU situps (16 lbs) and could only hold the planks for 15 secs. Heavy squatting really thrashes the abs!
joe wheeler 11 | 2007-11-13
45kg 65kg 110kg tgu sits w/12kg db blech. workouts very very irregular every november. just gotta maintain until my schedule regularizes again.
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