3 rounds for time of:
5 box jumps - waist height
10 ball slams - 10% BW
10 1-arm DB hang power snatch - 20% BW

Post numbers and questions to comments." />

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Aimee box jumping
Tuesday December 11 2007

  • Muscle snatch – up to heavy single
  • 2-position snatch – floor, hang – 65% x 5 sets

3 rounds for time of:
5 box jumps - waist height
10 ball slams - 10% BW
10 1-arm DB hang power snatch - 20% BW

Post numbers and questions to comments.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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John Frazer 1 | 2007-12-10
When you list a unilateral exercise like DB snatches or cross chops, is the rep count per side, or total?
Greg Everett 2 | 2007-12-10
It's the total number unless otherwise specified.
John Messano 3 | 2007-12-10
Will someone suggest a sub for Ball Slams that I might perform in my crowded, prissy gym? How 'bout weighted hanging knees-to-chest? or 2-handed DB Swings?
Greg Everett 4 | 2007-12-10
John - Do downward chops with a ball or dumbbell - same movement, just don't release the implement at the bottom. Basically the reverse of a KB swing.
John Messano 5 | 2007-12-10
Thank you, Greg! btw, Thank you for the daily programming. I've been a zealot CFer for about 3 years, where I've been beating the heck out of my body and missing WODs only when prevented by a silly, self-induced shoulder injury (ACL, tendonitis or something - it went away after 3 weeks without overhead movement) Mike Donnelly, my pal, suggested your site. I was an easy sell, already a fan of the CF Message Board posts Robb and you. My goal is simply to compete with Mike. I'm serious! And to improve my Oly form and increase strength. I'm in for a few cycles, at least. As you know, this stuff is highly addictive. I've never received Oly instruction. Just watching videos and reading. I imagine my form is inefficient and inconsistent. I'm 41, 175lbs, with a diet loosely based on the zone. Thanks again.
Derek Maffett 6 | 2007-12-10
Clean/Front squats - eventually got it to point where I could squat clean 95# with reasonable form. OAC/22.5# assist 1x5 2x4 My left side seemed stronger than my right side this time. It brought me to the realization that the degree of my torso from the working arm had a lot to do with the difficulty of the OAC. From now on, I think I need to focus on having my torso twisted in - keep it from getting away from my arm. CA WOD metcon - 3 rounds for time of: 5 box jumps - waist height (knee height) 10 ball slams - 10% BW (dumbbell downward chops) 10 1-arm DB hang power snatch - 20% BW (16kg KB, about 30%) 3:56 Box jumps were knee height, but the initial jump got me up to almost standing on the chair. I recognize that this took some squats out and made this easier, but I don't really have a waist-high box to jump onto (safely, anyways). Should have done a squat every jump, now that I think about it. Greg, thanks for this site.
ec 7 | 2007-12-11
mu sn - up to 80# (1 failed attempt before getting it) 2pos sn - 70# a waist high box would have req more engineering work than i had time for this am. got something to 34" - so added a 20# lb vest and called it a day. 7 min, with above, 20# slamball, and 40# db sn.
John Messano 8 | 2007-12-11
Muscle Snatch - up to 95lbs - Sloppy. kept losing focus. For the first time, I began talking to myself, "jump..shrug...land...I wonder what time it is..." 2-pos Snatch - 75lbs for 5 sets - again, trouble focusing. Metcon-3 rounds: 5 box jumps - about 2in below my navel. 10 downward DB chops, 20lb DB - I must have looked like a raving lunatic to the polite suburban gym crowd. 10 OA HPSnatch, 35lb DB. 5:34
Dr. G 9 | 2007-12-11
Raining cats and dogs here in the Old Pueblo... Today's CA WOD: Muscle Snatch (heavy single): 32.5kg, stayed lighter for form sake 2-position snatch floor/hang (65% x 5 sets): 46.5 x 1 set, 44 x 4 sets, felt much snappier with the slightly lightened weight Metcon, 3 rounds of: MODIFIED--5 hurdle tuck jumps to inseam height MODIFIED--10 15# CBs swipes 10 (20% BW) 30# DB hang power snatch 4:13 No high box to jump to so I subbed the hurdle and held back on the height, subbed the swipes for the slamball. Fun little metcon.
Dr. G 10 | 2007-12-11
Clarification needed for next time: When "waist high" is specified, are we talking about belt height on men?
Greg Everett 11 | 2007-12-11
Dr. G. - I don't know; Where do you wear your belt? Are we talking about young men (thighs) or old men (armpits)?
Dr. G 12 | 2007-12-11
Nice Greg, good clarification on the clarification... Top of the pelvis or narrowest part of the waist (ie. approximately belly button, or what women generally call their waist)? As I like my pants to stay on, and I don't have a belly to put my belt over quite yet, I'd say I mean somewhere between the two...
Carney 13 | 2007-12-11
Muscle SN 45 kg 2pos SN 45 kg 3 Rounds: 10 box jump, 24" 10 knees to elbows 10 HPSN, 30 lb dumbbell 5:24 20# vest- nice one ec. I'll have to remember that for next time. Or just get myself a taller box.
mrbourgot 14 | 2007-12-11
Weight in kg: Muscle snatch: 20x5-40x3-50-55-60 2-position snatch floor, hang: 50kg x 5 sets 3 rounds for time of: 5 box jumps 40" 10 ball slams 10kg med ball 10 1-arm DB hang power snatch - 20kg Time: 5.06 Would have been quicker but missed a few of the jumps. Used the outside bin which happens to be about waist height. Cheers, Pete
Jeff G 15 | 2007-12-11
Pete, How did you miss a few jumps @ 40" w/o bleeding all over the place? Last time I tried jumping 42" in a circuit it ended badly in the 4th round and any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Kelly 16 | 2007-12-11
How high can Aimee box jump?
Greg Everett 17 | 2007-12-11
Kelly - No idea. Probably over her own head.
Derek Maffett 18 | 2007-12-11
That would be awesome and completely video-worthy.
Scotty Hagnas 19 | 2007-12-11
Well, I'm back in town, but I didn't get in yesterday's workout. Decided to double up today, doing today's first. Muscle Snatch 95x1; 105x1; 115x1; 122.5x1 2 pos.snatch: 90# for all sets 3 rounds: 36" box jumps x5 Ball slams x10 (half w/26#, half w/8#. Trading with my lifting partner) One arm DB HPS: 35x 10 3:38' Rest ~2 hrs. Press: 130x3; 132.5x3 Front Squat: 235x1; 255x1; 270x1 PR by 15 lbs. - missed Sat. max day, so I hit this today. Back Squat: 255x3x3x3 (dropped 2 sets to allow for the FS max attempts) Snatch DL: up to 225x3 Push Press: 145x3; 165x3; 185x3 Chins: x10x8x8 Weak, as I've had to lay off of pullups a bit lately. Windmill: 45#x8/8 (oops, wrong weight) 35x8/8x8/8 Thoroughly whipped. Hope I can hit tomorrow's numbers!
Derek Maffett 20 | 2007-12-11
Great time on the metcon, Scott. You couldn't have rested at all for that one!
Mike Donnelly 21 | 2007-12-11
Muscle snatch to 115 2 position to 70 waist high is a huge freakin' leap. Huge! I gotta reconnoiter some better options tomorrow. Only home option is my workbench, but I'd scalp myself on the basement ceiling. Worked on flexibility instead. Will double metcons tomorrow.
AW 22 | 2007-12-12
Muscle snatch up to heavy single (95#/105) 2-position snatch floor, hang 65% x 5 sets (75#)
John Frazer 23 | 2007-12-12
Muscle snatch to 95#x2, fail on 105 2-pos snatch 55#x5, focused on catching it low 4:48 for met con w/ jumps onto a weight bench (only thing handy), 20# D-ball, 35# DB snatch
Jeff G 24 | 2007-12-12
Muscle Snatch: 120# 2-Position Snatch: 88# MetCon w/ 42" Box, 20# Ball, 40# DB: 5:50 The fear of missing on the metal box slowed me down a bit.
Allen Yeh 25 | 2007-12-13
December 12 , 2007 thoracic mobility - 3 x 5 ankle mobility drill- multi planar x 5L/R leg swings - 10L/R +F/B arm swings - 10 split squat - 5L/R lateral squat - 5L/R rotational squat - 5 L/R wall slide 6 x-band walks - 6L/R big kids muscle up work ~5 minutes - false grip hang, transition, rings dips - 4, 5 Burgener Warmup - 45 x 1 muscle snatch - 45 x 3, 95 x 1, 115 x 1, 135 x 1 (full rest 45 seconds) 2 position snatch (floor, hang) - 95 x (1+1), 95 x (1+1), 95 x (1+1), 95 x (1+1), 95 x (1+1) (full rest 30 seconds) 3 rounds for time of: 5 box jumps - waist height 10 ball slams - 10% BW -20# Dynamax 10 1-arm DB hang power snatch - 20% BW -35#DB (highest they go so closer to 18%BW) Total time: 4:09 (1:17.46, 1:26.72, 1:25.39) Notes: -Mobility drills from Mike Boyle -CA WOD 11DEC07 -Muscle Snatch - felt fine -2 position snatch - Focused on getting under -metcon - Good and short - Trying to find a way to get the box up to waist height was interesting and wobbled slightly but doable. Ball slams with a Dynamax ball was very irritating as it kept shooting in all different directions on the bounce. The "Crossfit gym" only has up to 35# DB's so it was either 35# DB or the 24KG KB's and I didn't really want to screw around with KB snatches today.
Dave Wilson 26 | 2007-12-13
Muscle Snatch up to 62k 2 POS SN 65kx5 sets
Max Shank 27 | 2007-12-13
muscle snatch up to 70kg x1 2 pos snatch 60kg x 5 sets 3 rds 5 box jumps (28" box with 3x25kg bumper plates on top (about sternum height) 10 ball slams 10 barbell snatches per arm 5:53 Practice double unders with a cross and kb juggling.
Josh 28 | 2007-12-14
-Muscle Snatch up to a heavy single= 135(pr) the catch had a slight dip in it, so more like a power snatch. -2 position snatch- 95lbs x5 sets post: 3 rounds 10 box jump, 24inch 20 sledgehammer hits (8lb) 10 hang power snatch w/65lbs 5:35
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