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weight lifting, Olympic weightlifting, strength and conditioning, fitness, crossfit, Workout, training program - Catalyst Athletics Friday December 28 2007

  • Tall Clean + hang clean + push jerk – med weight x 3 sets
  • Snatch – 70% x 1 x 5
  • Clean & Jerk – 70% x 1 x 5
  • Front & Lateral Planks – near max time
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John Frazer 1 | 2007-12-27
Tall clean + hang clean + push jerk: 95#x1x2, 105#x1x3 Snatch: 65x1x5 (overpowered one and threw it over my head - oops) C&J: 95x1x5 Front plank: 1:05 L/R plank: 0:30 each
Derek Simonds 2 | 2007-12-28
Dude those complexes are sick! I just saw on Mike's Gym your new PR's. Major congratulations on those 122 Snatch and 150 C&J (even with a bent elbow) freaking incredible.
ec 3 | 2007-12-28
warm up included that ugly snatch complex. glad it was with uber light weights. cln complex - 85# - prob should have upped esp by the last set sn 70# cJ 95# fr plank - 2 min l planks - 1.10/1.15 min
John Messano 4 | 2007-12-28
Tall Cl+HngCl+PushJerk - 95-115-135 Snatch 5 set of 1 @ 95 C&J 5 sets of 1 @ 125 FR Plank 2 min. L/R :30ea
AW 5 | 2007-12-28
dhp (130#) Tall Clean + hang clean + push jerk med weight x 3 sets (135#) Snatch 70% x 1 x 5 (85#) Clean & Jerk 70% x 1 x 5 (110#) Front & Lateral Planks near max time
Scotty Hagnas 6 | 2007-12-28
Well...... After the hard Monday workout at a neighboring gym, followed by essentially the same workout feeling very easy on Wednesday back at our gym - I investigated a bit further. Turns out the spare bar we've been using since our main bar broke about 1 1/2 months ago is a non-standard 35 lbs! The bar broke on the last day of the de-load during the previous Bulgarian cycle. We didn't think anything of it, as the weights were supposed to be light. So, the PRs weren't as high as we thought... back to reality. Tall Clean+hang clean+PJ: 95x 3 sets SN: 95x1x1x1x1x1 C&J: 142.5 x1x1x1x1x1 Straddle planche: 3" x 2" x 2" L-sit x a miserable 20" Side planks x 90" each Away for the holidays this weekend, so hitting the Sat. workout later today.
Dr. G 7 | 2007-12-28
Tall Clean + hang clean + push jerk (med weight x 3 sets): 50kg x 4 sets OOPS, no big deal Snatch (70% x 1 x 5): 50kg x 1 x 5 Clean & Jerk (70% x 1 x 5): 64kg x 1 x 5 First workout on the new platform. Awesome. Very loud when weights are dropped! Still getting used to the new OL shoes. Hoping to do the side bends + GHD situp metcon later today. Did my tall cleans starting elevated on the toes (after seeing it set up that way in a CF demo video). After further review of the PMenu exercise section and Coach Greg E.'s comment about doing them flat-footed, I've decided to do them that way next time. My impression is that it will feel far more "natural".
Sevan 8 | 2007-12-28
Yeah EC you should probably UP everything... you never know when you are going to NEED... to be... in the best shape of your life...:)
Jeff G 9 | 2007-12-29
Tall Clean + Hang Clean + Push Jerk: 132# Snatch: 98# Clean and Jerk: 147#
Mike Donnelly 10 | 2007-12-31
Tall Cl+HngCl+PushJerk - 95 Snatch 5 set of 1 @ 75 C&J 5 sets of 1 @ 105 FR Plank L/R
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