3 rounds for time of:
8 1-arm DB snatch - 20% BW
5 ball slams - 15% BW

1 min rest

3 rounds for time of:
5 box jumps (high as possible)
12 KB cross-chops - 25% BW

Post numbers and questions to comments." />

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weight lifting, Olympic weightlifting, strength and conditioning, fitness, crossfit, Workout, training program - Catalyst Athletics Tuesday January 29 2008

  •  Power clean + push jerk + jerk – 80% of best power clean x 4 sets
  • Tall snatch – 5 x 2 - med weight; work speed

3 rounds for time of:
8 1-arm DB snatch - 20% BW
5 ball slams - 15% BW

1 min rest

3 rounds for time of:
5 box jumps (high as possible)
12 KB cross-chops - 25% BW

Post numbers and questions to comments.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Prochargedmopar 1 | 2008-01-28
Can someone tell me the RX'd weight for the "Tall Snatch". Also, Is this just a snatch performed in the same manner as the "Tall clean". I found all the other exercises in the Demos section. Thanks.
Greg Everett 2 | 2008-01-28
Feel out a weight you're able to be very fast and precise with for doubles. Technique is the priority over weight.
mike 3 | 2008-01-29
PC+PJ+J 75kg*2*4 Tall Sn 40 *2 *5 Metcon subbed tuck jumps 1:50, 2:50
josh everett 4 | 2008-01-29
the KB sn is it 4 reps on each arm or 8 reps each arm... cross chops same question 6&6 or 12 & 12? Thanks
Greg Everett 5 | 2008-01-29
For one-side work, the reps are always the total between the two sides - so 4 + 4 and 6 + 6.
josh everett 6 | 2008-01-29
thanks greg... a little bit of digging up the archives is all i needed to do... sory for wasting your time. 1. burg warm-up 2. not so good at pj... 70k, 4 sets @ 90k 3. 5x2 sn: 40,50,60, 65, 70k... swithcing back to sqt style for awhile... barely got 70 4. 3 rounds kb sn 4+4 40k ball slam 5 20lb 1:32 rest 1min 3 rounds box jump 5 20" cross chop 6+6 20k 1:32
Bradford Green 7 | 2008-01-29
Weight in lbs Warmup: 2x(5pullups, 10squats, samson) Burgener Warmup Wanted to find a new OHS max: 135, 145, 155, 160x PC+PJ+J: 135x4 (A little light) Tall Snatch: Bar only, 5x2 Metcon untimed, with a couple subs. 3 rounds: 8 35lb db snatches 5 KTE's 1 min. rest 3 rounds: 5 Double unders 12 cross chops 1 pood kb
John Messano 8 | 2008-01-29
FS 4x2 @ 155lb Sn DL 5x2 @ 205lb 3x5 Box Jump 3x15 Back Ext Shoulder Rehab stuff
Dr. G 9 | 2008-01-29
Only did the OL work today, saving the metcon for tomorrow. Joint mobility + scapular stability Ext. Mod. Burgener w/u, 3 reps with both pipe and 15kg bar Sets done on 4 minute intervals Power Clean + Push Jerk + Jerk x 4 sets(80% of max PC): 70kg x 4 sets, I have no idea what my max PC is, this weight was about all I could manage to overhead with my really sore triceps--locking out the jerks was really tough because of that factor Tall Snatch (5 x 2 med. wt., emphasize speed & technique): 29kg, stayed really light to keep it snappy Tomorrow will be some sort of metcon in the morning and gymnastics class at night. If my triceps start to recover, I'm thinking of doing Grace as the metcon. I always have done it with squat cleans, I want to try it with power cleans.
Craig Snyder 10 | 2008-01-29
PC-PJ-J 105# x4 Tall Snatch 45x2 65x2, 55 3x2 3 rounds: 8 1 arm DB snatch (30 lbs) 5 Ball slams (15 lbs) 1:43 3 rounds: subbed 5 max standing vertical jumps 12 cross chops (35 lbs) 2:30 The clean and jerks seemed to go ok. I am unsure about the tall snatch. I have never done those and tried to figure them out from the video on the site. As far as I can tell, I did them right, but we will never know for sure.
Prochargedmopar 11 | 2008-01-29
1/29/08 M/38/174 As Rx'd PC+PJ+J 185# T. SN 25,45,55,65,75 This was really hard to do pshycologically without bending the knees. I've never even imagined such a movement. Metcon 35# DB 28# Ball 37" bench jumps (tallest in my living room) 45# Chops Total time including 1min rest was 3:57 That was pretty cheesy compared to the crossfit stuff. Recovery Drink: 50 ounce Frozen fruit smoothie with 3 eggs, 5 tsp olive oil, 1/2 cup blueberries, Mixed fruits, and Grape juice. Fuel: 1 handful pecans and pistachios 1 handful grapes 1 BBQ chicken leg 1 grapefruit med. 1 can smoked herring 1 large porkchop 1 ziplock baggie full of pecans and pistachios w/shells 3 cubes of beef 1 orange Vitamins: C, E and 6 fish oil caps
ec 12 | 2008-01-29
pc & jerks - 115# tall sn - 45# did the cfb metcon instead
Prochargedmopar 13 | 2008-01-29
Son Christopher M/13/110 PC+PJ+J 65# T. SN PVC,10,30,30,30 His legs were smoked from morning B-ball practice then Bleachers and box jumps in Athletics class so he skipped the Metcon.
andy swartz 14 | 2008-01-29
pc+pj+j 205lbs * 4 tall snatch 65lbs metcon 5:22 40lb dumbbell snatch * 8 30LB DBALL *5 1 min rest high box jumps 40 inches * 5 woodchoppers 52lb kb * 12
Jeff G 15 | 2008-01-29
Lower back is hurting pretty bad from ugly SnDl yesterday, so avoided deep squats. PC + PJ + SP: 154# HPSn 5 x 2: 110# MetCon w/ 40# Split Snatch, 30# ball, 42" box, 50# chops: 7:25
The Pie 16 | 2008-01-30
CJ+Jerk+SJ, 165# x4 Straight Snatch 65#, 2x5 8db snatch, 40# 5 ball slams, 30# x3 1min rest 5 box jumps 40" box 12 kb cross @ 56# 7:22
Scotty Hagnas 17 | 2008-01-30
Prepping for clubbell seminar; done instead of metcon: 120/120 mills 120 swipes 120 hammer swings All w/15 lb - 20:42' Later; Tall snatch: 45x2x2; 65x2 PC+PJ+J: 160x 2 sets A few GTG planches done here and there.
Chris Nelson 18 | 2008-01-30
CJ+Jerk+SJ 135#155#185#x2 Tall Snatch 95#x4 8db snatch 45# 5 ball slams 30# x3 1:42 1minute rest 5 box jumps (only 24 "box at gym) 12kb cross 56# x3 1:52
John Frazer 19 | 2008-01-30
C&J complex: 100x4 Tall snatch: 55x5x2 3 rds: 30# DB snatch (BW is 180 but scaled because I'm coming off an involuntary layoff due to moving) 5 ball slams 20# (don't have a heavier ball) TOTAL 2:31 Rest 3 rds: 5 tuck jumps (a poor substitute; haven't had time to build boxes) 35# KB cross chops 6L/6R TOTAL: 2:12
John Frazer 20 | 2008-01-30
P.S. Totally agree about the weirdness of the tall snatch. Would find myself standing there puzzled how to avoid bending my knees.
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