7 rounds for time of:
200 m row
5 burpees

Post numbers and questions to comments." />

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weight lifting, Olympic weightlifting, strength and conditioning, fitness, crossfit, Workout, training program - Catalyst Athletics Friday February 1 2008

  • Power snatch + OHS + snatch balance – 80% of best power snatch x 4 sets
  • Tall clean – 5 x 2

7 rounds for time of:
200 m row
5 burpees

Post numbers and questions to comments.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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ec 1 | 2008-01-31
a little lackluster - had to do this thurs AM after wed PM wod due to schedule. sn complex - 85# tall cln - stayed with 75# for all metcon 10.15 i do not love burpees
Dreid 2 | 2008-02-01
Greg, I wanted to post and say that I just wrapped up the first mesocycle of the CA WODs (I went back and started from the beginning) and I am loving the workouts! My C and J went from never having done it heavy to a PR of 197lbs at a bodyweight of 170lbs. I also snatched 158lbs (still have tons of problems here...) and managed a FS of 215. Also, I wanted to get any ideas from anyone out there on a solid weightlifting reference book of sorts, does that exist? I have "The Weightlifting Encyclopedia" by Drechsler but I'm hoping to find something with more illustrations/pictures. Thanks again!
Greg Everett 3 | 2008-02-01
Dreid - There's nothing out there satisfactory in my opinion. If you can be patient, there will be in the next few months.
josh everett 4 | 2008-02-01
1. coach b warm-up 2. sn complex: 40,50, 4 sets @ 60k 3. Tall clean for sets of 2: 70,90,110,120,120 replacing met con with 12-15 40yd sprints w/ full recovery. I enjoy running & hate rowing + I'm going to take my dog w/ me.
josh everett 5 | 2008-02-01
oops I was mistaken... i thought a tall clean was a clean from the high hang..same thing for sn earlier this week
Bradford Green 6 | 2008-02-01
Weight in lbs Snatch complex x4 @95lbs Tall cleans 2x5 @65lbs Metcon: Subbed 20 kb SDLHP's for each row @7:44
Jeff G 7 | 2008-02-01
Sn Complex: 110# Tall Cl: 154# MetCon: 8:10
tom Brose 8 | 2008-02-01
Did'nt remember the exact sequence when I got to the gym. Burgner warmup Tall Snatch 3x45, 3,x5, 3x85 1x95x1,F,1 Power snatch+OHS+Snatch Balance (heaving) 95x3, 115x 1x3 Power Snatch +OHS 135x1 x5, working on foot placement issue. Met-con As RX'd 8:56
Tim Wheeler 9 | 2008-02-01
Power Snatch complex x 4@65K Forgot how many tall cleans to do so just did singles Met Con 9:30
Tom Brose 10 | 2008-02-01
If you have a new O lifting book coming, don't name it after a Minor Threat song. Maybe AF, "Victim in Pain" would be good.
Bradford Green 11 | 2008-02-01
Got access to a precious C2... so round 2 of metcon: 8:15 rx'd
Tim Wheeler 12 | 2008-02-01
Hey Greg what do you think of the book "Essentials of Weightlifting and Strength Training" by that Egyptian MD. It has a lot of pictures at least.
Craig Snyder 13 | 2008-02-02
Power snatch-OHS-snatch balance 45x3, 65x2, 75x4 Tall clean 65#, doubles x5 Met con: 7 (or 8) rounds of: 30 second rope sprint 5 burpees 6:07 I lost count and I am pretty sure this was 8 rounds and not 7. I really do need to get a rower. I feel like I am missing out.
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