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weight lifting, Olympic weightlifting, strength and conditioning, fitness, crossfit, Workout, training program - Catalyst Athletics Saturday February 9 2008

  • Snatch – heavy single
  • Clean & Jerk – heavy single
  • Front squat – heavy single
Rest 10-15 minutes between each exercise.

Post numbers and questions to comments.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Joe 1 | 2008-02-08
BW 198# SN 67KG CLN & JK 84KG FS 105KG So when we start up next week do we base our % on the numbers today? Kind of a dumb question, but oh well. I am really liking CA WOD. Thanks Greg.
Greg Everett 2 | 2008-02-08
Joe - Yes, always base the % prescriptions on your current 1RMs even if they change during a cycle.
jorgy 3 | 2008-02-08
is there any good remedy for keeping the knees in line in a squat? mine seem to bow slightly when i go heavy.
Scrappy 4 | 2008-02-08
Thanks for the crossfit central santa cruz link. Best of luck to Rob Miller and Eva T on the new affiliate.
Greg Everett 5 | 2008-02-09
Jorgy - Your knees are moving outside your feet as you squat?
ec 6 | 2008-02-09
sn - 115# (5# pr) c&j - 145# (100%), pwr clean. tried to full sq clean a couple times.... but didn't get it. fs - 155# (100%)
Scotty Hagnas 7 | 2008-02-09
Out of commission....lateral hip/ QL issue bothering me lately. It really locked up on me today while warming up. Time for some soft tissue work.
Dreid 8 | 2008-02-09
Hi all, I have a question: I am a little unclear as to how hard I should explode in the 2nd Pull when I'm doing sub-max lifts. Say, for example, I'm snatching/cleaning at 85% of my 1RM. Should I pull as hard as possible on every lift or pull less hard on the lower percentage sets. Is it right to pull the bar hard enough to catch it almost in a power snatch/clean position and then descend into the full squat or are you supposed to catch it in the full squat every time, meaning you don't pull as hard so that the bar doesn't crash on you in the hole. I seem to be erratic in how hard I explode on sub-max sets, which influences where I catch the bar. Is there a proper depth to actually catch the bar, assuming you aren't forced into the lowest position? If this is more of a question for the message boards or an article or something, let me know, but it has been plaguing me. As always, thanks and I love the WODs.
andrew swartz 9 | 2008-02-09
Snatch 185lbs Clean and Jerk 245lbs Front Squat 275lbs
Prochargedmopar 10 | 2008-02-09
2/9/08 Greg A. warmup (3 rounds/5reps ea.) M/38/175 Snatch 45,95,115,135PR,155f,155PR C&J 135,185,205,225PR FS 245,265PR,275PR I've never ME'd on Snatch or front squats. Automatic PR's there. I'm very happy with the C&J as it puts me 1 step closer to my 250# overhead goal that I set for myself 1.5yrs ago. I kinda got side tracked by CF wod's this past year. M/13/110 Snatch 45,65,85f,75PR C&J 75,95f,95 FS 95,105
Josh everett 11 | 2008-02-09
1. burg warm-up 2. sn: 80K 3. C&J 135K 4. FS 150k 5. chins 2x25
Greg Everett 12 | 2008-02-09
Dreid - First, ideally even the heaviest snatch is received slightly higher than rock bottom. That gives you some space to absorb the force and make quick minor adjustments to position. That aside, how hard you pull will depend on what you want to do. If you have trouble with the snatch technically and are training snatches at the moment, controlling the pull in order to receive low is a good idea. If you're technically sound but have a slow or weak second pull, you may want to pull as hard as you can and power snatch until you can't anymore. Something else you can do is warm-up using a complex of the two, i.e. power snatch and then snatch with each weight until you reach a weight at which the power snatch needs to be dropped.
The Pie 13 | 2008-02-09
Body was definetely sore after yesterdays wod. A lot of failures in todaysworkout. snatch: 135...failed twice on 155 CJ: 185...failed twice on 205 Front Squat: 205...failed on 225
Dreid 14 | 2008-02-09
Greg- Thanks! I would call myself technically proficient...but far from perfect on the snatch. From your advice it looks like I should control the pull to receive low and I will definitely give that complex a shot for the warm-up.
Mike 15 | 2008-02-09
snatch 80 kg C&J 105 kg
jorgy 16 | 2008-02-10
greg, no my knees like to bend inward on my heavy squats. its not a huge thing but it just doesn't look technically sound.
John Frazer 17 | 2008-02-10
Snatch 85, missed 87 3x. C&J 125, missed 130 FS: 185
Greg Everett 18 | 2008-02-10
Jorgy - You may want to try some glute activation drills right before squatting like x-band walks. While squatting, think of trying to push your legs (not just your knees) to the sides, i.e. attempt to tear yourself in half.
Eva T. 19 | 2008-02-10
thanks for the props G! and from all at Crossfit Santa Cruz Central!!!
jorgy 20 | 2008-02-10
thanks greg ill be sure and do that tomorrow.
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