3 rounds for time of:
Row 350 m
5 (1 Clapping push-up + 5 kick-backs)
8 box jumps – above knee

Post numbers and questions to comments." />

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weight lifting, Olympic weightlifting, strength and conditioning, fitness, crossfit, Workout, training program - Catalyst Athletics Friday March 7 2008

  • Tall snatch + mid-hang snatch + snatch – 4 sets
  • Power clean + push jerk + mid-hang clean + jerk – 3 sets

3 rounds for time of:
Row 350 m
5 (1 Clapping push-up + 5 kick-backs)
8 box jumps – above knee

Post numbers and questions to comments.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Dan 1 | 2008-03-06
5 (1 Clapping push-up + 5 kick-backs) Can you explain this to me? Thanks
Greg Everett 2 | 2008-03-06
Do a clapping push-up - then jump your feet up to near your hands (so you're in a squatting position with your hands on the floor), then jump them back to a push-up position. Repeat the foot jump up and back 5 times per 1 push-up - that = 1 rep.
Sam Cannons 3 | 2008-03-06
Patrick Donnelly 4 | 2008-03-07
Have you tried wheelbarrow pushes with bags of sand/concrete loaded in there? It allows for a much more lopsided loading, making it really difficult to balance. Then try pushing that over grass, where the ground isn't completely flat either... A good challenge.
Leonid S. 5 | 2008-03-07
With all you coaching Greg - OPT will now be uncrushable! How long did he train with you?
Dr. G 6 | 2008-03-07
OL portion of today's CA WOD: Joint mobility + scapular stability Ext. Mod. Burgener warmup, 3 reps, 15kg bar Tall snatch + mid-hang snatch + snatch: 50kg x 4 sets, ~65% of max Sn, failed twice on final tall snatch (oops, a bit too heavy I guess), so turned it into a high hang snatch + mid-hang snatch + snatch set Power clean + push jerk + mid-hang clean + jerk: 61.5kg x 3 sets, ~65% of max C&J, these all felt good Finished up with: 8 deadhang pull-ups on AF bar, pulled to sternum 12 push-ups plus 5 (1 pistol + 1 King deadlift) R,L alternating sides each one Going to Anusara yoga tonight to use up my last three passes.
Greg Everett 7 | 2008-03-07
Patrick - We usually have several bumpers and a 120 lb D-ball in there, which rolls from side to side. But for that workout, James was sprinting the hill, so we wanted to keep the load light. Leo - I trained him by video for a 6-wk cycle late last year - that's what he was talking about on that CF video with him and Freddy Camacho doing the SDHP/dip workout - he was doing 100% weightlifting and no CF at all for that 6 weeks. Then he came down for a few days in January to train live. We put about 20kg on his total in that 6 wk period.
Luca Z. 8 | 2008-03-07
Who needs F-50, my quads are on fire, are this met-cons specifically designed to increase leg speed and power, and one more thing a 5k run on Sundays is it ok? Thanks Luca
Greg Everett 9 | 2008-03-07
Luca - the metCons are designed to keep a reasonable conditioning base without interfering too much with the strength/oly work. You can try the 5K, but again, the more non-strength/oly work you do, the less progress you'll make with the strength/oly work.
Dan 10 | 2008-03-07
Is mid hang from above the knees?
Greg Everett 11 | 2008-03-07
Dan - Start with the bar at mid-thigh level.
Leonid S. 12 | 2008-03-07
Where's his total at now? Hos lifts looks solid - I remember now seeing a bunch of them on youtube. Pretty cool setup
IamDT 13 | 2008-03-07
Is their a prescription for weight on the Olympic lifting workout, e.g. 60% BW or 50% one rep max?
Patrick Donnelly 14 | 2008-03-07
A 120# D-Ball!? What the hell do they fill that thing with? 100% lead shot?
Leonid S. 15 | 2008-03-07
Oh, c'mon Patrick. Depleted uraniom. 120 lbs D-ball is really the size of a tennis ball, they just use some filler to make it look big and scary!
Greg Everett 16 | 2008-03-07
Actually, it's filled with despair and the tears of small children.
Dan 17 | 2008-03-07
Here's today's stuff 3-7-08 BW 197.4 Wt. Pull-ups 20 reps no weight (warm up) 45 x 3 50 x 3 60 x 3 70 x 3 80 x 2 dropped weight and immediatly did 10 more PM WOD Bergener warm-up 2 x with 65lbs Tall snatch + mid-hang snatch + snatch 4 sets 65 95 105 115 120 Power clean + push jerk + mid-hang clean + jerk 4 sets 135 155 165 175 185 195 push jerk was my weakness on these 3 rounds for time of: Row 350 m subbed 65lbs SDLHP x 25 reps 5 (1 Clapping push-up + 5 kick-backs) (these things sucked) 8 box jumps above knee TIME 8:03 This MetCon was much tougher than it looks!!
Dan 18 | 2008-03-07
I forgot, Thanks Greg!
Greg Everett 19 | 2008-03-07
IamDT - If there's no weight or % with these exercises, it just means you should take it up to a weight you feel comfortable with for the prescribed reps and sets. Keep in mind it's primarily technique and speed work, so err on the lighter side.
Kevin 20 | 2008-03-07
kept it lighter today to work pure on form, my sn is progressin nice in the second pull to catch, i like what im feelin if that makes sense... 3point sn @ 50k 3 point c&j @70k metcon @ 4 rounds subd 20 double under for row, and added 15 ghdsu per round, 9 mins
prochargedmopar 21 | 2008-03-08
3/7/08 M/38/174 21,15,9 of Deadlift 225# HSPU 6:29
Adc (CFS) 22 | 2008-03-08
BW 70kg Snatch Complex 20kg 1 40kg 1,1,1 C&J Complex 60kg Met Con as Rxed 10.01
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