3 rounds for time of:
6 D-ball power clean + push press + slam – 20% BW
16 1-arm KB swing – 30% BW
26 kipping pull-ups

Post numbers and questions to comments." />

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weight lifting, Olympic weightlifting, strength and conditioning, fitness, crossfit, Workout, training program - Catalyst Athletics Wednesday March 12 2008

  • Snatch - 80% of Monday’s best  x 1 x 5
  • Clean & jerk – 80% of Monday’s best  x 1 x 5
  • Back squat – heavy single

3 rounds for time of:
6 D-ball power clean + push press + slam – 20% BW
16 1-arm KB swing – 30% BW
26 kipping pull-ups

Post numbers and questions to comments.

Questions? Get answers here or post in comments.
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Dan 1 | 2008-03-11
Can I sub a duffle bag with 30%BW for the metcon? Don't have a 40lbs ball. Thanks
pd 2 | 2008-03-11
No you cannot not!!!! If you do, all of your strength gains will be negated from now and through eternity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dan 3 | 2008-03-11
I may try a bumper plate
Greg Everett 4 | 2008-03-11
Dan - Yes, duffle bag will work fine.
Tom 5 | 2008-03-11
We our beginning our first PM WOD tomorrow. Our group worked up to our 1RM squat today (for Burgener's squat program). Would you suggest subbing another leg exercise for the Wed WOD or taking out the third component all together?
Greg Everett 6 | 2008-03-11
Tom - Just drop the squats.
Geoff Aucoin 7 | 2008-03-11
That's som good form!!
Danny 8 | 2008-03-11
How am I reading posts for March 12th on the 11th? Will someone from the future please tell me how the stock market did today?
Matt Wichlinski 9 | 2008-03-11
in case you didn't see my question yesterday( i posted late ), what is the difference between jerks and push jerks? And do you recommend doing box jumps as high as possible as a training tool to enhance O lifting skills?
Matt Wichlinski 10 | 2008-03-12
Skip that last question, answered yesterday, thanks
Tom 11 | 2008-03-12
Greg - We are trying to determine where in the macrocycle you are right now, and are a little confused. It seems you are in the Bulgarian Mesocycle - so are you in weeks 5-8 or 13-17? Any help is appreciated
Greg Everett 12 | 2008-03-12
We're in week 7 - so next week will be the last week of the first Bulgarian mesocycle of the current macrocycle.
kevin 13 | 2008-03-12
time of 5m47s sn 55k cj 65k bs 315# (sooooooo bad with my squat lately :( )
Eric Jones 14 | 2008-03-12
Rogue Fitness WOD: then, Snatch: 5x1 @ 135lbs C&J: 5x1 @ 165lbs Too smoked for Back Squats :(
Adc (CFS) 15 | 2008-03-13
Snatch 50kg 1,1,F,F,F C&J 65kg 1-1-1-1-1 No Met Con Was Toast did "Tommy V" in the am,thought I would be suitably recovered for heavies by pm but sad to say no,Snatch totally off,and C&J shaky and slow
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