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Mike Gray
Saturday April 12 2008

Snatch - heavy single
Clean & jerk - heavy single
Front squat - heavy single
Chin-ups - 3 x max
15 (1 GHD sit-up + 2 Russian twist )- 10% BW

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John Planow 1 | 2008-04-12
Just 1 GHD situp and 2 Russian twists?
Greg Everett 2 | 2008-04-12
Sorry - 15 of 1 + 2
x66F 3 | 2008-04-13
Sorry for the long post, but how do you do this workout? Warm-up as needed, then work up to 1 heavy snatch, then stop the snatch, work to 1 heavy clean and jerk, then move on to 1 heavy front squat. Next do 3 rounds of max pull-ups, resting as needed between rounds. Finally, 1 set of 15 reps of GHD sit-ups plus Russian twists? Again, I apologize if this has been asked before. Thank you.
Aimee 4 | 2008-04-13
x66F- Yes.
x66F 5 | 2008-04-13
Thank you
Adc (CFS) 6 | 2008-04-13
Shit Heavy days are hitting when I am mentally down Any way no improvement at all Snatch 60kg easy But fails at 65kg C&J 77.5kg Easy Couldn't even clean 80kg and have done 95kg more then a year ago so..... go figure Gave up there
Greg Everett 7 | 2008-04-14
ADC - What have you been doing in the last year? 15 kg is easy to lose in that time frame, particularly with unsupportive training.
Adc (CFS) 8 | 2008-04-14
Thanks Greg yes last year have dropped off the O lifts in favor of CF and Mid Distance cross country so no surprise there What got me is 80kg went up last Heavy day,but today everything was off. Was expecting to slowly hit 82.5kg or have a crack at 85kg.Rest periods where 5~7min. mentally defiantly not all there and no training partner.
Greg Everett 9 | 2008-04-14
ADC - It's normal to see a lot of fluctuation like that week to week. This week will taper down to Saturday to prepare for records lifts - you might want to drop the CF to make sure you're totally recovered and see what happens then.
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