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weight lifting, Olympic weightlifting, strength and conditioning, fitness, crossfit, Workout, training program - Catalyst Athletics Saturday October 11 2008

  • Snatch - Max
  • Clean & jerk - max
  • Front squat - max

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Jesse Woody 1 | 2008-10-10
Hit this up on Friday night: Snatch: 190#, 10#PR and bodyweight again! C&J: 245#, 15# PR, so close to my original 250# goal! FS: 275#, matched my PR, and it was HARD! Excellent day of lifting, and I got it all on video (along with Anna and Anil's lifts too) so I'll post it up once I get a chance to cut it all together.
Alex Europa 2 | 2008-10-11
Snatch: 150 (5-lbs PR) *Missed 155 because some idiot walked right in front of me as I was staring the second pull. The bar was way high enough, I just lost focus. Grrrrr... C&J: 210 (Failed on the Jerk), only got one attempt because I was told I couldn't jerk anymore since I dumped the weight (how rude of me :rolleyes). Double Grr... Front Squat: 275 (20-lbs PR!). Not a bad day, I'm a little annoyed with the gym - considering that it's full of idiots - but whatcha gonna do?
David 3 | 2008-10-11
David M - 33 - 5'10" - 173# BW Snatch - 105, 115, 125 Clean & Jerk - 135, 145, 155 Front Squat - 165, 175, 185 Notes: New to the WOD, so unfortunately that's all in pounds and not kilos, LOL!
tommi k 4 | 2008-10-11
186cm/96kg Snatch - 86kgx1,91kgx1 PR!!,93.5kg F C&J - 116kgx1,121kgx1(same as PR),123.5kg F Front squat - 130kgx1,140kgx1.150kgx1 PR -snatch,great - clean,good - jerk,weak - f.squat solid I`m glad that Ive learned to snatch like never before,jerk needs some work and it felt a little off for the whole cycle.Now some pizza,ice cream and rest..
ADR 5 | 2008-10-11
M/26/5'10"/170# I had to split this up between Friday/Saturday: Snatch: 145#, 5# PR! C&J: 195#, FS: 235#, 10# PR!
Eric Brandom 6 | 2008-10-11
M/23/6'1"/180 Snatch 205# (%# PR) C&J 250 (-15#) FS 285 (10# PR)
justin "thor" 7 | 2008-10-11
Snatch: 175lbs. (10 lb pr) Clean/Jerk: 215lbs. (20 lb pr) FS: 300 lbs. (5 lb pr, exhausted) Thanks Greg and Aimee!!!
Matt Wichlinski 8 | 2008-10-11
snatch 235 didn't look good 240 failed but high enough cj 315 felt very good 5 # pr FS 385 pr
Jonathan 9 | 2008-10-11
Snatch: 140# C&J: 185# FS: 215# Very disappointed with my efforts today. Having bronchitis and training through it sucks. Trying for new PRs sucked as well. Oh, well. Will eat good tonight, go to bed early and rest all day tomorrow and hopefully be full speed by Monday to go again. Thanks for all the great programming and training info! Here's to new PRs in 8 weeks!!!
JD 10 | 2008-10-11
Pinned my elbow to my knee on a 115kg clean. All the weight came down on my right wrist. Fucked it up. I will be out for awhile.
saulj 11 | 2008-10-11
Sn: 65kg (PR 70 kg) C&J: 80kg (PR 87kg) FS: 100kg (new PR by 5kg) Just couldn't get my act together today for snatch and c&j. I have good power but just not mentally "there." Next time, I will be though.
Matt Dyson 12 | 2008-10-11
Snatch - Max 145# (20# PR) Clean & jerk - max 200# (25# PR) Front squat - max 300# (55# PR) This took a while but well worth the effort. PRs on all 3. I added 100# overall. Thanks Greg and Aimee.
Jody Woodland 13 | 2008-10-12
SN - 72.5 kg PR, 75 kg PR (+5), 77.5 kg FFF CJ - 95 kg PR (+5), 97.5 kg FFF FS - 265# PR, 275# PR (+25), 285# F Good progress but still really only doing power SN and CL, not getting under properly. For next few cycles, I'm going to back the weight off some and focus on technique. Knees still bothered by FS and O-style back squats. Hope that adaptation happens soon.
Rick 14 | 2008-10-12
PRs on all three snatch: 130# clean & jerk: 195# front squat: 235#
Richard Thomas 15 | 2008-10-13
Snatch: 72.5kg (PR by 2.5kg) Clean & Jerk: 92.5kg (PR by 2.5kg) Doing Front squat tomorrow, ran out of time today.
Richard Thomas 16 | 2008-10-14
Front Squat: 110kg (+10kg)
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