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weight lifting, Olympic weightlifting, strength and conditioning, fitness, crossfit, Workout, training program - Catalyst Athletics Sunday October 19 2008

Rest Day

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John Velandra 1 | 2008-10-19
SWEET WOD - gonna have to try something similar
ken c 2 | 2008-10-19
great workout. already have guys at my gym wanting to try it. the thrusters look heavier than 95lbs. what was the weight on those?
MB 3 | 2008-10-19
I've got a question about bars. I just moved away from my wonderful CrossFit gym where I could train the olympic lifts with really nice equipment. I already have a generic bar and 300lbs of metal plates. I just got a pair of 45lb Hi-temp bumpers, and since I've been using them, I've noticed that my bar isn't handling the drops very well. So now I'm looking for a bar for olympic lifting. The problem is that I'm on a tight budget and am looking to maximize my utility. I also have two women just getting into CrossFit (no prior athletic background) who use my equipment. So I'm simultaneously looking for a lighter bar for them, but still useful for me with the olympic lifts. I was thinking about either the Pendlay Women's Discount Bar or the Pendlay Junior Discount Bar. I'd prefer the lighter 10kg so the women would be able to use it more, but I wasn't sure whether that would be adequate for my olympic lifting. My best clean is a little over 200 pounds. Do you think the junior bar would be able to handle enough weight for me? I haven't been able to find detailed specs for the Pendlay Junior bar to know for sure. Anyone have experience with this bar? Are there any other bars you think I should look at? I really like the sounds of the Bergener-Rippetoe bar, but that's not light enough for the women's use. Thoughts? Suggestions?
Greg Everett 4 | 2008-10-19
Ken - Actually it was only 88 lbs - 40 kg. But after a mile of uphill broad jumps, it feels like 300 lbs.MB -The Pendlay junior bar is not meant to hold much weight at all - that won't work. A women's bar is only 25 mm compared to 28 mm of a men's - so it will hold up to the loading, but for you it will be very small. That said, there's only an 11 lb difference between men's and women's bars, so you're probably better off doing a men's bar and investing in some 2.5 kg hitech plates if you want to keep it light for the gals,
MB 5 | 2008-10-19
Greg, thanks for the response. Good to know about the junior bar. My problem is that even hitech plates won't help me because they can't even clean (and do other lifts on) an empty 45 lb bar (one is in her 60s and both are seriously lacking in strength). So at this point, the 11 pound difference may actually allow them to perform a clean. (I can set the empty bar on boxes to get the right height.) I saw something written at http://store.wfwclub.com/bars.html that sounds like there are two different junior bars. A pendlay junior and an economy junior. Although I was a little puzzled since the pictures look the same for both. The description on the page makes it sound like the pendlay junior is capable of holding the weights that I am lifting. What do you know about this?
Greg Everett 6 | 2008-10-19
MB - A 10kg bar, either one, is just really not intended to handle loads more than a very light kid would be moving - for your ladies, it would be great. But I think you would bend it in short order. You're better off getting a light bar and a men's bar from BFS - they're super cheap and hold up very well (at least the old ones did).
Rutman 7 | 2008-10-20
Shitty! Coach B needs less of that Peets if he's gonna cook up twisted METCONs like that
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