3 rounds for time:
10 sand bag cleans to shoulder - 50% BW
20 kipping pull-ups" />

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Good position in first pull
Wednesday October 22 2008

  • 2 Front squat + push jerk + jerk - 75% (of jerk) x 4 sets
  • Snatch pull - 103% (of snatch) x 3 x 3
3 rounds for time:
10 sand bag cleans to shoulder - 50% BW
20 kipping pull-ups

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joe luckett 1 | 2008-10-22
Question. When I do a split jerk, the heel of my rear foot is often flat on the ground. I can land with it up (picture Oct. 7) if I think about it, but I usually don't. Is this a problem I should try to eliminate? For what it's worth, I think the habit comes from years of Karate when I was younger, so it looks something like a front stance. thanks -joe
Richard Vanmeerbeek 2 | 2008-10-22
FS - 95kgx3x2 ==> knee pain won't go away, stopped the squatting PJ + SJ - 82.5kg Sn pull - 90kgx3x3 Tried to do yesterday's metcon, but can't do a jumping sit-up ?! 500m row
tommi k 3 | 2008-10-22
2FS+PJ+J - 90kg Sn.Pull - 95kg 3 rounds for time of: 10 DB clean to shoulder,46kg 20 Kipping PU Time 7:06
Ben M 4 | 2008-10-22
I thought shoulders are as forward as possible for more leverage.
Jesse Woody 5 | 2008-10-22
Ben, as I've found out over the last 2 weeks, getting your shoulders too far forward puts your weight on your toes. You want to essentially lean back onto the heels, keeping the chest up as much as possible to push through the heels all the way through. Still working on it, but it's getting better: FS+PJ+Jrk. x 4 sets @ 190# Sn. Pull x 3 x 3 @ 200# (working on keeping weight on my heels, starting to come together a bit better this week.)
Rick 6 | 2008-10-22
Did metcon first,Crossfit WOD from the other day. As many rounds in 20 min of: All w/#95 5 Thrusters 7 Hang Power Cleans 10 Sumo High Deadlift Pulls Did 9 rounds + 5 Thrusters Then did: 2FS+PJ+J: 150#x4 Sn Pull: 135#x3x3
Jonathan 7 | 2008-10-22
2 FS + PJ + J: 140# x4sets Snatch Pull: 225# x3x3. A little too much rounding of my shoulders in the pull off the floor. Will drop down next time. Only did a few sets of 100# sandbag cleans. Those are tough!!! Great grip work.
ADR 8 | 2008-10-22
2FS+PJ+J - 170# Sn.Pull - 185# 1 round for time of: 10 DB clean to shoulder 100# 20 Kipping PU 1:22 My shoulders hurt on the pull ups so I did one round and finished up with a 500m row (1:29).
Trevor Salmon 9 | 2008-10-22
question on the pulls for both cleans and snatch. Is the hook grip used still and do you occasionaly use straps and when. Also I saw a video of halting deadlifts with a pull on the 3rd rep. Is the hook grip recommended on that too. thanks
Richard Thomas 10 | 2008-10-23
Front Sq + PJ + J: 75kg Sn Pull 75kg
Greg Everett 11 | 2008-10-23
Trevor - Use straps on snatch and clean pulls - you need to be tied as tightly to the bar as possible to accelerate it. If your grip is slipping at all, your body won't let you produce as much force. You can try getting away without them if your lifts are still largely limited by technique, but as they get heavier, straps will become necessary.
Greg Everett 12 | 2008-10-23
Ben M - You're increasing the leverage of the bar on the hips, not vice versa, by leaning farther over the bar. This means more difficulty accelerating and maintaining torso rigidity for maximal force transfer to the bar. There is plenty of leverage with a more upright position, and the hip extension of the second pull can then be much faster and more of the produced hip and knee extension force can be transmitted to the bar because the muscles responsible for maintaining back extension are less fatigued.
Jody Woodland 13 | 2008-10-23
FS/PJ/J - 155# SNP - 185# Metcon 7:20 (subbed 125# BB, jumping PU's)
Trevor 14 | 2008-10-23
thanks Greg, my technique is good on the pulls so I can certainly go heavier and try to get max loads for the req'd rep range as opposed to a % of my best lift since they are still in the technique stages.
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